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Why do teens start smoking?

by Nathan Zachary

Why People Becomes A Chain Smoker So Quickly 

Most people start smoking in their teenage. People whose friends or parents are into smoking are more likely to get involved. Some teenagers start smoking because they think that smoking makes them cool. Tobacco ads or the production of regular cigarettes have a huge influence on our society. The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars on marketing. You can see ads about smoking products on your tv, computer or even in video games.

 You can see people smoking in movies which is also a considerable influence. According to the research, people who see smoking in movies are more likely to get involved in smoking. In this modern world, vaping is one of the best alternatives to smoking, and the research already proves it. So, if you are sensitive about your health and tired of smoking, you should start vaping to quit it. 

Who Is Most Likely To Become Addicted: 

Tobacco contains addictive elements, and people who use tobacco to overcome their nicotine strength have more chances of getting addicted. According to the research, teenagers get more addicted to smoking because smoking becomes a habit and the nicotine in regular cigarettes has several addictive elements.  

According to research in 2014, 3 out of 4 teenagers are smoking addicts because of the addictive elements in the nicotine of regular cigarettes. So, it would be better if you switch to vaping because the nicotine in the vape juice is not addictive and doesn’t have harmful elements. E-liquid is an important element in any vape device, and vaping market is full of e-liquids. Mint e-liquid and pinkman e-liquid are two important and tasty e-juices to try. If you are a new or a regular vaper, you would love the taste of these two vape juices. 

Why Teenagers starts smoking: 

There are multiple reasons teenagers start smoking. It is on the record that teenagers are more addicted to smoking than older people. Most teenagers start smoking because they think smoking can make them cool. They are improving their fashion sense in this way. It’s not like that because smoking is one of the reasons for heart stroke in young people. They can start vaping because there is less risk involved in using disposable vapes or other vape devices. 

Influence Of Movies: 

The research shows that there is a huge influence of movies on the human mindset. According to one of the studies, smoking in movies greatly influences young people’s perspectives. It is also one of the reasons that teenagers are getting involved in smoking. Smoking scenes should be censored in movies for the better health of young people. If you are a smoker, you should make a sacrifice for good health. You need to switch to vaping and can enjoy the taste of multiple flavours like mint e-liquid.

Peer Pressure: 

According to young people, they start smoking due to peer pressure. A child can’t think like a mature person at a young age. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers they need to keep an eye on them. When you start smoking at a very young age, it becomes a habit. But now, alternatives are available. You can start vaping; e-liquids are 95% safer than the nicotine in regular cigarettes. Pinkman e-liquid is trending nowadays, and the taste of this flavour is very delicious.  

In A Nutshell: 

Vaping is getting more popular because it is true that it’s the best alternative to smoking. The e-liquid has fewer harmful elements, and you can start vaping without any risk. Mint e-liquid is trending in the market. You can enjoy several flavours by starting vaping.

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