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Why Should You Play Video Games?

by Nathan Zachary
Why Should You Play Video Games?

Since I was a little child, I’ve heard warnings like “Don’t sit too close to the TV. “Stop wasting time playing video games and go outside and have fun! It will harm your eyes!” Right?

Did you know, though, that the things that make video games entertaining are also beneficial for your health—both physical and mental—according to reliable research? You will receive a detailed explanation from Digital Journal PRO.

How do video games work?

Players control images on a video screen in computer-based video games. Interactive digital entertainment that you “play” on a computer, a gaming console, or a mobile device is referred to as “video games.” A few video games are artistic works of art. The reasons behind your passion in artistic expression are unknown to others.

Journey of Video Games: 

Since the invention of computers, people have developed methods for playing games on them. It is possible to trace the beginnings of video games to the 1950s and 1960s, when computer scientists started creating simple simulations and games for minicomputers and mainframes. One of the earliest video games was Spacewar!, which was developed in 1962 by MIT students as a hobby.

Despite the fact that Spacewar was enjoyable to play, it was never meant to be made available to the general public due to the still-high cost of computers for personal use.

Spacewar had a limited impact outside of the niche computer technology industry since it required access to a computer at a research facility.

1966 saw Baer starting his research on this idea while working for Sanders Associates, Inc. Bob Tremblay, a Sanders technician, assisted Baer in building the first of several test units for video games in 1967.

In conjunction with an alignment generator, the device known as TVG#1 or TV Game Unit #1 produced a dot on the television screen that the user could manually move. After figuring out how to connect to the television, Baer and his team created and produced ever more complex prototypes.

Can playing video games be good for you?

Video games do have a lot of positive aspects, indeed. Playing games can help those who are addicted or have cravings lessen how intensely they feel them. The ability to maintain balance and think clearly may also benefit those who have multiple sclerosis.

 Benefits of Playing Video Games:

  1. Playing video game and keeping the brain engaged both help keep one’s body active.
  2. Manual skills can be improved through video game.
  3. Hone your problem-solving techniques. Your day-to-day issues will be resolved as a result.
  4. You can stay current on the newest technology by playing video game.
  5. Are you a fan of exploration? I must try in real life, but can I not? By playing video game, you can then take any risk.
  6. Our fear of facing competition is a common one. Your fear can be conquered with the aid of video game.
  7. Internet dating and socializing with new people.
  8. You’ll be able to unwind and release any built-up tension thanks to video game.
  9. As a venue for leadership development, video game are excellent.
  10. Making games or streaming can be a simple way to earn money.

Some of the popular games for Children are:

  1. Masha and the Bear Child Games
  2. Minecraft 
  3. Homescapes
  4. Hay Day 
  5. Duolingo: language lessons

Some of the popular games for Students are:

  1. Hangman
  2. Pictionary
  3. Puzzle 
  4. Minecraft
  5. Dark Snake Gang

Some of the popular games for Adults are:

  1. Manhunt 2
  2. The punisher
  3. Darksnakegang 
  4. Diablo III
  5. Dark Souls

Some of the popular games for Older are:

  1. Chess
  2. Checkers
  3. NeuroNation
  4. Dark Snake Mode 
  5. Daily Word Search

Here are some examples of free and great games:

  1. Apex legends
  2. Dark Snake Game
  3. Minecraft
  4. Legends of Runeterra
  5. Google Easter Egg
  6. Pokémon Go
  7. War Thunder 
  8. Doodle Champion Island

Did you know that playing video games could slow your aging process?

In one study, participants aged 50 and older who played for only 10 hours showed improved brain function that persisted over time.

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Playing the video game you already love is good for your brain in many ways, from helping you remember things more. Now you have a ton of evidence to present to someone who advises you to cut back on your video game playing. Giving specific instances of video game’ numerous mental, physical, and social advantages can enable you to confidently respond to the question, “How are video game good for you?”

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