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Why Use Digital Torque Tools?

by Nathan Zachary
Digital Torque Tools

A torque wrench is one of the most common tools used to repair cars and vehicles in garages. It is used to control and apply a particular torque to a fastener, for example, a bolt or a nut. Torque wrenches are something which is needed to keep handy in most cars. Whether going for a long drive or to the office, keeping a torque wrench in the car can help you change punctured tires to other issues. Mechanics cannot do without torque wrenches since, for tire changing operations, many other industrial repairs work to maintenance. The ease of working with torque is now enhanced with digital torque tools.

digital torque tools

Use of Torque Wrench:

The use of torque wrench to differs from vehicle to vehicle since every vehicle type is integrated with different torque specifications. The manufacturer mostly sets these specifications. Therefore, even while servicing or repairing, mechanics need to follow similar torque to keep up the vehicle’s best performance. Besides, the parts where torque wrenches are used are designed specifically and cannot be altered as per whims. Apart from the tires, even other parts of a vehicle, like a cylinder head which is also a bolted part, require a torque operating solution like a wrench.

Now with a digital torque tool, operation and handling become easier and more convenient. You need no longer estimate the torque range with a digital display unit constantly exhibiting real-time torque values. You can also pre-set the required torque value and apply force accordingly. Once the forces reach the level, they are automatically indicated with a green LED light, and the torque handle starts vibrating. The digital torque tools have found profound usage and utility in different industrial sectors like automotive, aircraft, light industrial, and electrical applications. The digital torque tool is ideal for noisy environments where the digital display allows you to keep track of the torque level.

  • Designed for industrial as well as regular assembly applications
  • Designed for custom programmable torque settings
  • Visual display unit, sound, and sensory signal (handle vibrates) when the programmed torque level is reached
  • Most digital torques are crafted with robust bi-directional ratchet head
  • Integrated with multiple operating modes for industrial use
  • Torque measurement levels: N.m, lbs.in, lbf.ft, kgf.m
  • LCD screen for clear and instant visibility
  • Enabled to keep “Peak” torque readings continuously for 15 seconds
  • Uniquely designed non-slip grip to enhance usability and ease

In a digital torque tool, an integrated automatic control system monitors the torque level constantly and keeps displaying the level. When the desired torque level is achieved, the control system automatically puts the wrench in the activated mode, and the operator, in the case of normal torque wrenches, would only hear a click acoustic sound. Still, with digital ones, even the display indicates the level along with a LED light.

digital torque tools


  • Digital torque tools offer improved accuracy, convenience, and precision.
  • It allows checking torque easily, which is an integral part of many industries to maintain product or equipment safety, quality, and reliability.

The digital torque wrench is designed to customize the programming of a pre-set torque value. The operator can optimize the tolerance levels of this torque, and for digital torque wrenches reading the signal is easier and more convenient with the digital display system.

If you are thinking of investing in digital torque tools for your garage or industrial purposes, look for a good company with positive user reviews and feedback. Therefore, look through different available products and select the one which suits your purpose the most.

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