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X Factors That Enhance the Lifespan of Lithium Ion Battery Inverter

by Nathan Zachary

Power Outages can be annoying during a meeting/project or when you return home from a hard day at work. During these power cuts, inverters might prove to be extremely useful since they continue to deliver electric current to electrical and electronic equipment, allowing us to continue working uninterrupted.

The lithium ion battery is known to be an inverter’s backbone. This is where all the energy that the inverter distributes to various power sources is kept. Therefore, it is vital to maintain the lithium ion battery inverter as a whole to provide a continuous power supply.

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The Functions of Lithium Ion Battery Inverter

Lithium batteries rely on lithium ions to perform their function. Lithium is a lightweight metal with a high energy density. Therefore, despite their light weight, li-ion batteries deliver a high current in a tiny package. he battery’s anode is composed of carbon, while the cathode is cobalt oxide. The electrolyte between the anode and cathode is a lithium-ion-containing salt solution.

The positively charged lithium ions will flow toward the cathode whenever the battery discharges. The cathode will be bombarded by ions until it becomes positively charged.

When the cathode is positively charged, it will begin to attract electrons with negative charges. These electrons will traverse the circuit and provide its power. The exact reverse occurs during battery charging.

The Durability of a Lithium Ion Battery Inverter

Typically, lithium-ion batteries offer a long lifespan of more than 10 years, during which it provides consistent backup with utmost efficiency. 

That is to say, a lithium ion battery inverter has 3 times longer life when compared to a traditional inverter battery. If you go for a reputed brand like Luminous, their top-notch lithium ion battery inverter, i.e., Li-ON, requires negligible maintenance. Furthermore, their 5 years warranty can prove to be beneficial to you as a consumer.

Battery Maintenance for Lithium Ion Battery Inverter

It is essential to maintain lithium-ion batteries to extend their lifespan. Check the charge state of the lithium ion battery inverter often. Monitor the batteries that are nearing their expiration date. When the battery is kept for extended periods without being used, the manufacturer’s storage guidelines should be strictly followed.

When charging the battery, you should also follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer. These factors are crucial for prolonging the life of the Li-ion battery through proper maintenance.

Here are the top 2 methods that enhance the lifespan of lithium Ion battery inverter

  1. Do not allow rust: Maintain the battery terminals free of rust and corrosion. Rusting diminishes a battery’s performance by decreasing its current flow. Ultimately, it shortens the life of a battery, affecting the backup of your inverter. Pour a solution of hot water and baking soda over the terminals of the battery to prevent further corrosion.
  1. Do not overload: The battery uses the stored energy to provide electricity during a power outage. During a power outage, if the battery is overburdened, the backup time will be reduced. Therefore, it is essential to unplug high-energy-consumption equipment. It will considerably boost the inverter’s battery backup when disconnected and under additional load.

Final Words

This guide will help you increase the life of the lithium ion battery inverter. It is essential to remember when purchasing an inverter battery for your home or business that the quality of the battery brand, like Luminous, should be your primary consideration. Luminous is happy to provide sustainable, elevated product lines and solutions, such as lithium-ion battery inverters.

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