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8 ways to improve your swimming technique

by Nathan Zachary

We have always said that swimming is possibly, of the three disciplines, the one that most requires improving our swimming technique to improve time. Well, today we are going with eight small and simple tricks that you should put into practice to achieve it with lifeguard recertification.

add a drag

You can improve propulsion by adding a small swimming parachute to your waist. Don’t look at us like that with a cross-eyed face. In a Michael Phelps ad for Under Armor the guy from Baltimore uses one, so it must be useful. What is it for? It creates resistance through the water, so it helps increase strength. It is also useful to improve the position of the body, making it easier for us to be aware of the grip technique.

There is a relatively cheap swimming parachute on Amazon . If you don’t want to spend money, it’s also worth dragging a sponge or wearing a drag shorts.

open armpits

To improve propulsion, keep your armpits apart when your catching hand points to the bottom. This is achieved with a high elbow. There are several technical exercises that allow you to improve this gesture, including skimming the water with your fingers when moving your arm forward, or directly touching your armpits when starting the gripping phase.

nothing outside

The pool has a problem: every 25 meters, or every 50 if you are one of those lucky people who swim in an Olympic pool, you have to turn around. At the moment the triathlon tests are outdoors, so no matter how much we practice the flip, we are not going to use it in competition. So if you can include outdoor sessions, you will make it easier to get your body used to the stroke rate you need, where there are no two- or three-second breaks every 25 meters.

Make easy

If you have to write down on a piece of paper what training session you have each day, we have a problem. Many times it is better to concentrate on doing four equal sets, than to be spinning while swimming or if you are in the fifth two hundred, in the fourth set of one hundred to the fullest or if you had to wear a pullboy, mittens, snorkel or sleeves.

technique with the blades

Repeat after me: shovels are our friends . They are not only used for strength work, they can also be used to achieve good technique. How? Well, using small blades , which are short and wider than the fingers.

more, more and more
Let’s go with a truism: the more we swim, the better. If you manage to get used to swimming more often, even twenty minutes more a week, that’s what you’re wearing. By the way, five forty-minute sessions a week in the water are preferable to one two-hour session. If you separate the sessions too much between them, the daily learning, and especially regarding the technique, is lost.

Extend workouts beyond the distance you compete

After swimming comes the bike, and if we get out of the water tired, turn off and let’s go. So the volume that we can assume of swimming must have accustomed us to the distance and pace of the races: if ours is the Olympic triathlon, our sessions must exceed two kilometers on a regular basis. If we prefer the long distance, we usually have to go around three kilometers and include several sessions throughout the preparation in which we exceed four kilometers

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