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All About The TEFL Academy 

by Nathan Zachary

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses is the sole focus of the TEFL Academy. TEFL is not only part of our company name, but it also serves as the foundation of our educational program. Our trainers all have extensive experience working in the EFL industry. Our TEFL course instructors are all trained TEFL teachers in their own right, have years of real-world classroom experience, and are now passing on their practical know-how to students enrolled in our TEFL program.

When selecting a TEFL program, one of the most important considerations you should make is the program’s accreditation status. The TEFL Academy is completely accredited by Qualifi, (UK government department) and the DEAC, (US government department); two regulated awarding organizations.

TEFL Academy location

It took me a few extensions, but I eventually completed my TEFL course. I really liked the level of detail that was put into the many sections that were prepared for the learner. You are free to read the components of the unit as many times as necessary until you have a complete comprehension of them. The examinations that come at the end of each unit are quite helpful because this is the time when you get to demonstrate what you’ve learned.

The examples of lesson plans were fantastic as well; they were simple to comprehend and provided a wealth of ideas for how you might prepare your future sessions. You can always follow up with a phone call, and there is always a nice voice there to help solve any problems that you may be having. Both the administrative support and the tutor assistance are excellent. There is nothing wrong with this lesson.

 The TEFL Academy and the Level 5 Course have turned out

Regarding the TEFL Level 5 Course, the TEFL Academy well surpassed any and all of my expectations. Although I was familiar with TEFL, I had never given any thought to actually enrolling in the course and obtaining the certification. While I was doing my research (I wasn’t sure which TEFL company to go through because there are SO many out there), I emailed The TEFL Academy and asked some questions. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from a lady in Europe (I live in South Africa), and she was more than willing to answer my questions. It was the customer service that truly sold me on doing my certification with The TEFL Academy. I was extremely amazed by how helpful and friendly the staff was. The course was presented clearly, the website was simple to use, and the tasks were just the right amount of difficulty for me to enjoy the learning experience.

Due to the fact that I am currently employed full-time, I have not yet begun the process of seeking work; nevertheless, The TEFL Academy provides excellent materials and support for drafting your CV and cover letter, as well as respectable firms who are wanting to hire TEFL teachers.

It took me around six months to finish the course, but I believe that if I worked consistently on it (and didn’t work full-time), it would be extremely doable for me to finish it in one to two months. I believe that amount of time would be sufficient to properly go over the material in the class as well as submit assignments of a good level. I am very excited about the changes that will be available to me as a result of the high-quality credential that I received from The TEFL Academy.

Online TEFL Level 5 course

If you want to become certified to teach English as a second language but you don’t have the time to attend classes in person, the TEFL course that you may take online is an excellent alternative. The website for the class provides numerous helpful resources, including information and pointers on how to instruct pupils of varying ages. Each module not only includes textual lectures on the subject matter, but also a plethora of interesting problems to test your comprehension of the material. The amount of time you have access to the course is restricted, but it is more than enough for you to finish all of the units and tasks (just make sure you follow your study plan.

In general, taking this class was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience. It’s much better if you additionally schedule the 10h teaching practice in one of the Academy’s sites. This not only helps you put everything you’ve learned into perspective, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to collaborate with the other people who are taking the course on teaching ideas.

I would recommend it to someone who wants to teach

Because I enjoy learning on my own and because I am currently enrolled in pedagogy classes at school, the fundamental theories of the courses were very comparable. Even though the material that is covered in TEFL training is typically relatively straightforward, you will still need a location where you can read through everything, take notes, and complete assignments.

I would recommend that anyone who is interested in taking this course finishes it and makes notes on their laptop containing relevant keywords so that they can refer to them later for assignments. Additionally, I would recommend that they make notes on any references that are provided to them as well. My training to teach English to speakers of other languages (TEFL) just ended, and I can’t wait to begin working as a tutor.

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