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All You Need to Know to Add Value to Your Home

by Nathan Zachary
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If you plan to sell your home at one point in the near or far future, you have to know the ways in which to increase its value on the market. Here are some useful tips on how to achieve that.

Inspect it

First and foremost, you need to do a thorough inspection of your house to see what needs to be fixed. Any spots around the house that require repair will only decrease the value of your home. If you need help with carefully examining the house you can ask a professional to accompany you and help you detect any issues around the house that need to be fixed. For example, you should be able to detect water leaks around the house that need to be taken care of. Water leaks may not cause a lot of trouble when they are spotted and fixed immediately, but if they are left unattended they can cause some serious damage and decrease the value of your home a lot.


One of the easiest and probably cheapest ways to transform the house and make it look brand new is to paint the walls. You can paint both the exterior and interior walls if you feel like you’re up for a bigger makeover project like this. There is just something about a fresh coat of paint that will instantly make the house look more elegant and like it was only recently built. Painting the walls wills most definitely increase the value of the house and it will attract more customers to take a look at it.

Cut Energy Costs

The amount of money that goes into energy costs might seem fixed, but technically it’s not. A lot of local utility companies offer free energy audits to their customers. If you get in touch with them, they will gladly show you how to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Creating an energy-efficient home will save you a lot of money that can be used on other updates and improvements around the house and as a result that will increase the value of your home.

Plant a Tree

If your plan is not to sell the house any time soon, invest in growing a long-term plan for the landscape of the backyard. Plant a few shade trees and some bushes that will add texture to the landscape. Mature trees will make your home a lot more desirable on the market but it is also good for the environment. This kind of landscape provides a home to many wildlife species such as tons of birds and squirrels. Properly arranged shade trees can help you cut back on your cooling costs by 40% as well.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like investing your time in planting something that will take years of maintenance to fully grow, you can opt for low-maintenance landscaping. Tiny shrubs and tons of colorful flowers will most definitely make your garden look neat and your house will be desirable on the market. All you need to do is water your plants regularly and make sure to mow the lawn to keep it looking neat and clean.

Invest in some high-quality blinds

Apart from the exterior walls looking fresh and clean, you also want to work on the appearance of the windows. Old and dirty blinds will make the house look old. So, a good investment would be to buy some new ones that fit into the aesthetics and make the house look bright and brand new. There are tons of different types of blinds you can choose from. You can opt for the classic roman blinds or go for the versatile roller blinds. It depends on the aesthetics you want to create.

Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

The air quality doesn’t have to do with the outdoors. There are so many factors that can influence air quality. Firstly, think about how often you take a little bit of time to dust. Dust and debris floating around the house can make the air feel dense. Take extra few minutes every day to lightly dust off any surface area that attracts a lot of dust and let some fresh air in by opening up the windows in the morning.

Also, bringing some house plants into your living space can clear up the air a lot. If you feel like going the extra mile you can invest in a good air purifier. It can clear up the air and help you breathe more lightly.

Lastly, make sure to check your carpets. They can store up a lot of dirt, dust, and debris over time. Walking all over it helps you spread all of that around the house as well as lift it in the air. Speaking of carpets, you can also invest in a good quality entrance mat that will keep all of the germs, dust, bacteria, and debris outside.

Small Bathroom Updates Equal a Big Return

The bathroom is one of those rooms that either makes or breaks the deal. So make sure it is first of all, functional and secondly, good-looking. People love seeing a clean and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. After all, we associate the bathroom with something clean and relaxing.

So, make sure there are no water leaks around the bathroom, that all of the fixtures are in good condition, the whole bathroom is sanitized, and that there is a lot of storage. People love seeing functional bathrooms full of versatile storage space.

If you plan to invest in renovating the whole bathroom from scratch, then you should go for a minimalistic and smooth look. It will look elegant and classy and the new potential owners can bring their own personality into the bathroom once they move in.


Overall, increasing your house’s value can be done in so many different ways. Some of these ways require a bigger investment while others don’t. It all depends on what your goal is. However, whatever changes you make, make sure the house is functional and looks brand new. 

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