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5 Best Commerce Courses After Class 12th

by Nathan Zachary
Commerce Courses after 12th

Commerce Courses After Class 12th: Commerce is one of the most prefered career options after class 10th. But, what to pursue after the 12th remains a doubt. Choosing the best commerce course after the 12th presents how successful you are going to be in the future. However, commerce students have a variety of options than science students.

Further, the students find a variety of commerce courses after class 12th but choosing the best out of them is a task. The field provides enormous options, but they don’t know where to go, or which course to choose. Don’t worry; we are here to tell you about the best commerce courses after class 12th.

Commerce Courses After Class 12th

There are many courses; here, we will discuss some of the most preferred courses by students.

1. Chartered Accountant

CA or the chartered Accountant is one of the most opted courses by class 12th students. This course is mainly chosen by students interested in finance and who love to play with numbers. Therefore, the chartered Accountant in India enjoys the monopoly of Auditing Financial Statements. The course is challenging, but hard is always the key to success.

About Course

The CA Course is divided into three levels: i.e. C.A. Foundation, CA Intermediate and C.A. Final. To become C.A. in Inda, the student must clear all these three levels along with three years of article ship training. Hence, the total duration to become C.A. in India is five years after class 12th.

Furthermore, after becoming a C.A., the student enjoys the many career options in various fields. Also, if you want to be financially strong and secure opt for C.A. as your Career.

2. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

Bachelor of Management Studies or B.M.S. is the management program most colleges offer. B.M.S. is mainly chosen by the students who want to pursue their Career in M.B.A. after graduation.

About Course

In B.M.S., students study Human Resources, Finance, Business Organization, Economics and Business Studies as their Careers. This study helps students to focus on the fields or areas of management. Along with this, students learn about finance, Stock trading, the Stock market, How to start and grow a business and many different strategies.

However, there are various career options for students after B.M.S. Also, your salary rises once you get the job after the experience.

3. Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)

Bachelor’s in Journalism is another unique and one of the best career options for commerce students. A student interested in mass media who can debate with a good sense of humour is ideally suited for Journalism.

About Course

In this course, the student studies mass media, its history, media writing, Editing, Layout and printing, and more. The duration of the BHM is three years. After doing Journalism, students can enjoy the benefits of job roles like Account Manager, Public relations, Content Writer, Journalist, anchor or news editor.

4. Bachleors in Animation and Design

B. designing is an attractive, exciting and creative career option. Nowadays, a bachelor’s in animation and design is in trend. Students with an area of interest in design and who can think creatively or storytellers through his images can opt for this Career.

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Begins include many options, like animation, fashion, interior, editing, and videography. This is a vast field with many career options and freelancing opportunities. However, the candidate must have an interest in design and should be creative.

5. B.H.M.

Bachelor’s of Hospitality management is one of the best Courses which can be opted by the students after class 12th. However, students who want to build their Career in this field then don’t go back to choose this.

About Course

However, in this course, the students will develop personal grooming, communication, and entrepreneurial skills, along with training in different fields of the hospital industry. Further, the student must give the NCHMCT exam for the government college in B.H.M. Therefore, there are various career opportunities for B.H.M. students like supervisors in Food Chain Business, Chefs, Restuarant Managers, Cruise line Personnel and much more.

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Take Away

In the above article, you have seen the best five-course, which can be opted by the commerce students after class 12th. Apart, from these courses, there are various more courses, which can pursue by students. However, it is suggested that you must think carefully and choose the course as this course will decide how well you can do in your Career.

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