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How to Change your Netflix Payment Methods?

by Nathan Zachary
change your Netflix payment methods

The users know that Netflix is not a free platform but the users need to pay some amount of subscription to access content on this platform. And for payment some mode of payment is required to add on the platform but there are many people who are not aware to change the method and for this we are going to guide the users in this blog. 

If the users want to change the payment method on Netflix then they are at the right place to know about it as in this blog we are going to tell our users about how do I change my credit card on Netflix?

Steps to Change the Netflix Payment Method for the Users – 

To begin the users need to move to the website Netflix.com and then they need to sign in button to access your account. 

The users need to press on profile icon and then press on account button moving to the next step for Netflix change payment method

In this step the users need to press on manage payment information which they will find under the account section. 

Press on add payment method button and then followed by this the users need to add their desired payment info they want to on their device. 

Now, the users need to select the option of make preferred option which they will find beside their newly added billing method. 

After this the users have removed the previous old billing mode by clicking on the option of remove which they will find beside it. 

As soon as the users will execute all the steps the users will see that they have successfully completed the procedure to change Netflix credit card. 

The only condition for the users is that they need to follow all the steps which have been provided for the users in this blog with care and in proper manner.

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