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Daith or Tragus Piercing – Which One to Choose?

by Nathan Zachary

The difference between Daith or Tragus Piercing is one of the most important things to understand before obtaining one. However, the tragus is a triangular section of cartilage placed exactly next to the ear hole. 

Tragus and Daith Piercings Can Help in the Treatment of Migraines and Other Conditions

However not foolproof; every one of these piercings is considered a unique migraine therapy. . Because faults in the vague nerve are frequently a cause of recurring headaches, depression, anxiety, and epilepsy, piercing these areas can be a treatment for these diseases. 

This is due to the fact that they help to activate the vague nerve, a long nerve that branches throughout the outer ear. Further, we will explore the risks involved in both piercing types. 

What are the Risks Involved?

As discussed previously, any type of piercing carries risks. You should just be aware of the risks listed below:


These piercings require time to become used to, and then if you wear hats, scarves, or lie on some of these types of blankets, for example, your earrings may get caught on these materials, and your piercing may be damaged.


Infections can be the result of improper piercing procedures or poor hygiene after the piercing has been done. Excessive pain, redness, inflammatory, oozing pus, acquiring a fever, and persistent bleeding are all symptoms of an infection. You may also be at threat of contracting blood-borne diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis B/C.

Keloids and Other Unattractive Issues: 

Keloids, pustules, and granulomas are all unpleasant bumps that can form for a variety of reasons. Although the best approach to avoid them is to take proper care of your piercing.


It is likely that your body will recognize the new piercing as a foreign item and reject it entirely.


It is always possible to develop an allergic reaction to the metal. This is characterized by redness, blisters, and itching.

Which one to Choose?

Daith or Tragus Piercing, like any other body piercing, involves risks. According to some health professionals, the risks outweigh the advantages. Given the hazards of daith and tragus piercings, it’s best to consult with your neurologist before considering any supplemental migraine treatments. 

According to one study, up to 35% of people with ear piercings experienced one or more difficulties. Therefore, to relieve episodic migraines, up to 50% of persons with severe headaches use a complementary and alternative therapy. 

According to several research studies, mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, and yoga are considered the most promising mind/body solutions, and they could be as helpful as medication.

Final Verdict:

Daith or Tragus piercings are more painful than standard ear piercings because they need the use of a needle instead of a gun. On the other hand, a surface tragus piercing, on the other hand, is more for fashion and heals faster because it does not go through the cartilage. However, because these are cartilage piercings, the recovery time will be 3 to 6 months!

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