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Different Types of Fractures and How Orthopedic Doctors Can Help

by Nathan Zachary

Fractures can be really painful, inconvenient, and even life-threatening if you don’t treat them properly. Luckily, when you visit your orthopedic doctors in Nairobi to talk about your fracture options, you can get the help you need to heal faster and feel better sooner.

Here are just a few of the different types of fractures and how they can be treated by an orthopedic doctor.

Displaced Fracture

A displaced fracture occurs when the bone is broken into two pieces. Displaced fractures can lead to extensive damage, including damage to the tissue surrounding the break. A displaced fracture often needs surgical treatment in order to be corrected.

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After surgery, a physical therapist suggested by orthopedic doctors in Nairobi can work with the patient on range-of-motion exercises and strengthening exercises to help the body heal properly.

Open Fracture

The most common fracture that orthopedic doctors treat is an open fracture. With an open fracture, the bone punctures through the skin, or there is a cut that is over the bone. This type of injury occurs when there’s a great force to the bone, such as from a car accident or being hit by a baseball bat.

Other causes may be falls onto the rock-hard ground or getting caught in machinery. Sometimes patients can have this type of injury without actually feeling any pain until after the trauma has occurred.

An open fracture can lead to complications if it isn’t treated quickly enough, including spreading bacteria that could cause infection and damage joints in your body.

Hairline fracture

A hairline fracture can be very difficult to spot at first. The only sign is a tiny crack in the bone where it’s been damaged.

These are often caused by severe trauma, such as during a fall or car accident. Unlike the other types of fractures, these usually heal well on their own without surgery or therapy.

Greenstick fracture

A greenstick fracture is a break in the bone that doesn’t go all the way through. This can be caused by a fall or hard twist of the arm. The worst thing to do with this type of fracture is to try to put weight on it or push on it, which can lead to a complete break!

Once you’ve seen an orthopedic doctor for your broken arm, he’ll talk with you about whether or not surgery might be necessary, what your recovery time should look like, and how long it will take before you have a full range of motion again.

Oblique fracture

An oblique fracture is a type of fracture that can occur in either the neck or lower back. These fractures typically result from traumatic forces and are known for causing considerable damage to the spine.

The severe pain in this type of injury often leads to additional problems, such as blood clots that could lead to serious health complications.

If you suspect an oblique fracture or any other type of serious injury, call for medical help from Best Spine Surgeon In Kenya right away. If a head, neck, or back injury occurs without proper attention immediately available, you may suffer permanent injuries or even death due to loss of oxygen supply and increased pressure on your spinal cord.

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