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Does wearing a body shaper work?

by Nathan Zachary

Modeling belts have been gaining prominence among celebrities who are looking for an increasingly delineated silhouette. And for those who want to disguise the extra pounds, the modeling belt is also an excellent ally.

It goes well with almost all types of clothes and can save you on those special occasions, with tighter dresses or blouses, for example.

But there are some super important information that you need to know and you will fall in love with the results that the modeling belt can bring. Check out!

How does the Modeling Belt Work?

The shaping belt works as a skin and organ repositioner. Especially in the postoperative period, such as childbirth, it is essential to give the woman that body she used to have. Since in pregnancy there is a repositioning of the organs for the baby’s development.

With continuous use, but without exaggeration, the modeling belt can give more smoothness to the contours of the body, make the waist thinner and the skin of the abdomen firmer.

Therefore, the main function of the modeling belt is to model the body and not tighten. So, choose the correct number for your body, which doesn’t cause you any discomfort, okay?

What are the Best Strap Models?

Nowadays there are several models of modeling belt to meet any body shape and specific need. However, the best shapewear for tummy and waist and the most suitable for shaping the body are the following:

Mulher de calcinha e sutiã

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For Postpartum

This is a model with a less hollowed waist and with a very high waist. It has hooks on the sides and openings between the legs. It has excellent compression and is made of microfiber to provide all comfort, this model is considered the famous backless shapewear.

Mulher de calcinha e sutiã

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Rubberized shaping belt

This is the most used model to achieve that thin waist and reduce measurements. It has the entire front with resistant clasps opening. It is made of super comfortable rubberized cotton. Corrects posture and enhances the silhouette.

Mulher de calcinha e sutiã

Descrição gerada automaticamente

Modeling belt

For those who don’t want a model with strong compression and more cavadinha, this is ideal. This belt has a high waist, but is more hollow allowing for use with various types of pieces. It has medium compression, made of 90% Nylon and does not mark under clothing.

Mulher com as mãos na cintura

Descrição gerada automaticamente

Gym belt

One of the most innovative models today. It helps in training, is comfortable and stylish. It has several colors, shapes the waist and helps in losing measurements.

How to use?

The ideal is to wear your modeling belt for a maximum of 7 hours and it is not recommended to sleep with the modeling belt, because in addition to causing discomfort, it can cause spine problems.

Too tight can deform your silhouette rather than shape it. Therefore, it is very important to check the ideal compression for you. Always take your measurements before buying a new belt.

She is perfect for special events, makes your look much more elegant. It matches with tighter dresses, blouses, high-waisted skirts and even with jeans.

How to take care of the Modeling Belt?

The shaping belt also needs special care. You need to wash your belt sporadically, because as it sticks to your skin, sweat can accumulate, which causes a bad smell and damages the fibers of the fabric.

It is not recommended to put it to dry in the sun, as the fabric fibers are sensitive. And if you want to keep your shaping belt longer, put it to dry in the shade.

Also, when washing, do not use a brush. Wash only with mild soap to maintain its elasticity.

Now you are ready to choose the best shaping belt for you. Choose carefully and use sparingly. She will be your great companion to create those fantastic celebrity looks.

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