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Easy Closet Cluttering

by Nathan Zachary

Getting Rid of the Clutter in the Closet
It’s easy to put off cluttering, especially closets, because we have a tendency to toss things in there to hide them from view. This makes it simple to put off. Many people are unsure about where to begin, and we do realist that deciding what should be kept and what should be discarded can be challenging.

However, think about how nice it would be to have an organised closet like the one seen above. It all starts with your endurance to take on the task at hand and methodically examine each of your possessions one by one. Asking yourself the following questions will make the process of making decisions much simpler for you…

Is there enough room?

This is where it all starts. Keeping clothes in the expectation that they would one day fit properly can bring up unpleasant memories and take up valuable storage space in your wardrobe that you could put to better use by purchasing stuff that you would truly like wearing. If giving the clothes away is too much of a hassle for you, put them in a box, label it, and put a note on it to remember you to take them out between three and six months from now to see if they still fit.

Is it soiled or does it have any damage?

It is essential to have certain supplies on hand in order to complete filthy labour such as cleaning, painting, or gardening. But do you truly plan to wear those other items that are stained? Is it worthwhile to bring the damaged items of clothes in to be repaired? And in that case, are you going to go through with it? If not, then get rid of them.

Is it easy to sit there?

It is not worth the sacrifice of a pleasant lifestyle given how fleeting life is. Get rid of any items in your closet that you avoid wearing because they make you feel uncomfortable and you should do so immediately. It could be the itchy fabric, the elastic that is too tight, or even the heels that are causing your feet to hurt. You should have enough love for yourself to let go of anything that doesn’t look or feel fantastic on you.

Do I look decent in it?

The body is subject to change during life. What could have looked good on you in the past now projects an image that you do not want to project. That’s okay. It has been beneficial to you for a while, but the time has come to let it go.

Have I put it on in the past twelve months?

You are familiar with the routine. You clean out your closet at the beginning of each new season, and there are always a few items that you decide to give another shot, only to realist that you don’t end up wearing them again. If that is the case, then you need to put an end to this craziness. Do not put it aside for the next season until you are completely aware that it will not be worn during that season. Get rid of it and then let it go.

Have I only used it fewer than five times?

Donating clothes that haven’t been worn for more than five times is something that should be considered. It’s possible that you don’t have any places to go to where you could wear it anymore. It’s possible that you’ve evolved your look, in which case it’s no longer in the running for first place. It’s possible that it was a present, and you’re keeping it because you want to utilise it while you’re with the person who gave it to you. Regardless of the reason, please consider this to be your formal authorization to get rid of it once and for all. It is taking up space in your closet that could be used for goods that you really put on.

Do I adore it?

One method for determining this is to ask yourself if you would buy it right now if you saw it for sale in a retail establishment. It is very normal to grow out of an old passion for something.

Have you ever bought something on a whim, only to find it hanging in your closet with the tags still on it? Good to have you as a member! Please keep this in mind… Because our tastes change over time, you should get rid of any goods that no longer speak to your heart. Absolutely, even the ones with the tags still attached to them. If you don’t love it, you have to get rid of it!

Do I have many pieces of each piece of clothes that I own?

Do you really require six white tank tops in your closet? Is it essential to have seven black t-shirts in your closet? Will you actually put those 11 different pairs of jeans to use? When we have a lot of the same items, we have a tendency to pick and choose our favourites, and the rest of our possessions wind up collecting dust. Your favourites should be kept, while the others should be donated.

The act of clearing out one’s closet can seem very liberating. You are giving yourself the gift of solely surrounding yourself with things that you adore and that make you feel at ease. Because you have cleaned out your closet and stocked it with with the best items, getting dressed will become a pleasurable experience for you. You’ll also save time because there will be less options for you to browse through when deciding what to put on.

Do you want to take your experience in the closet to the next level? Think about getting a closet organisation system from Victory Closets. It has been repeatedly brought to our attention that our individualized organisational solutions assist our customers in maintaining a sense of order. Give our group of knowledgeable specialists a call.

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