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DeskTrack – Time Tracking Software For Daily and Hourly Employee Work Time

by Uneeb Khan
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DeskTrack time tracking software is highly powerful for employers seeking to centralize time tracking. The ability to view who is working and the points earned by employees incentivize productivity. You can allow your employees to clock in using their smartphones from the point of location or force them to use a desktop computer to assure that you have accurate data and track who is really working.

DeskTrack is an easy-to-use time tracking software for Windows and Pocket PCs. DeskTrack tracks your on-the-job time and calculates how much time you spend working on various projects, tasks, and clients. Time tracking is as simple as checking in to the software throughout the day or using a countdown timer that tracks elapsed time. There are no forms to maintain or reports to design – just point DeskTrack in the right direction and let it take care of recording and analyzing your data.

it could save you hundreds of dollars. One interesting feature is that it can give you the freedom to work from any location! You can even track employees in real time for efficiency. It’s worth checking out their website to check the available features and plans.

What is DeskTrack?

DeskTrack is one of the only anti-work systems that have a product backing it. It’s built on the belief of liberating your mind from the work get it done mentality. DeskTrack has a small but growing community and can be used to track daily habits. productivity, music, and many more. There are hundreds of customizations available and the web interface allows for complete customization without writing any code. The software is mobile-friendly and works on any device with a web browser with no limitations.

Why Should you use Employee Time Tracking Software?

Well, now it’s time to bring this blog post to a close. We began by discussing how employee time tracking has become an important asset for growing businesses, and we explored the many benefits of this technology—alleviating hardships and improving efficiency.

As we’ve seen, employee time tracking software can have a positive impact on your business. So it’s easy to see why you should use it.

Employee time tracking software is a good solution for businesses that have multiple employees and need to keep a close track of their work hours. This kind of software captures the amount of time each employee is spending on different tasks throughout the day and with the use of this software you can easily assign who has worked on what task and get more information that would help you boost your business.

With employee time tracking software, you receive real-time information about employee productivity.

Using a computer system, you will track your employees’ weekly work hours. By having this information at hand, you can run reports to determine how much time was spent on each project.

You can even use the information to look at how the employees are using the rest of their work day.

Benefits of DeskTrack in managing employees’ activity

  • DeskTrack is a tool that allows you to track employee activity, including time spent on projects, projects completed, and any other relevant metrics.
    Furthermore. It gives you an overview of how much each employee earns.
  • By using DeskTrack, you’ll be able to get a more accurate sense of how your employees are spending their time and what they’re doing with it.
  • If there are any gaps in their workflow or if no tasks are being completed. You will be able to identify them. In order to gauge their effectiveness. You can look at metrics such as their monthly hours worked or their hourly pay.
  • Furthermore, DeskTrack can help you set and measure goals for each employee. Adjustments can be made as necessary to ensure everyone is on track to achieve their long-term goals.
  • DeskTrack is software that allows you to manage your employees’ work activity. It helps you avoid the problem of not knowing what your employees are doing.
    Further, it can produce reports showing how much time each employee spends on each task.


In our modern time, active tracking and scheduling of employees are necessary. DeskTrack is the optimal solution for organizing and planning. Monitoring and evaluating workflow in your company. As it helps to reduce the number of problems with managing workflow. Time Tracking Software is a critical feature of any work management software.

DeskTrack is a powerful employee time tracker tool for tracking employee activity. Has a lot of features for improving employee productivity and enhancing the quality of work.

The program can also reduce employee turnover. And improve staff engagement and increase revenues from customer service operations. DeskTrack will bring productivity analysis by identifying the best trends in your business. DeskTrack is definitely the answer for you if you want to get the maximum return on your investment in staff management.

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