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20 Best Time Tracking Apps and Employee Productivity

by Uneeb Khan
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Every company has a way they are able to track employee time and productivity. The problem with most of these systems is that they are nowhere near being easy enough to use and manage. This is why we created a list of 20 best productivity and employee time tracking apps that are sure to impress you in what could be the best year for your business so far.

Well, it’s time for a article about employee productivity and time tracking apps. Even if you are not in the business environment, such applications can get pretty handy. There are many free and paid apps that help you keep track of all your employees’ work schedules and tasks in one place. Note: All these apps were tested by us and put together in this list of best productivity and time tracking apps of 2023.

In this article, I will be discussing the top 20 productivity and employee time tracking apps that could help you become more productive. I have also provided some further information on each of these apps as well.

Top 20 Productivity and Employee Time Tracking Apps

1. DeskTrack

DeskTrack is the most efficient employee time tracking software on the market. No other software provides a similar user experience. DeskTrack app features allow users to easily track time and generate invoices, even from mobile devices. DeskTrack is a cost effective solution for businesses of any size and can help you save both time and money.

In the end, DeskTrack offers all the features you could want when tracking your time. The app has a clean and easy setup, polished interface, and useful time-tracking tools. If you work in an office environment that requires time tracking for billing purposes, DeskTrack is as good an option as any others currently available on the market. DeskTrack is a new, best employee time tracking software that makes it easy to track your employees and provide them with real-time updates on how much time they have left in the day.

2. WorkPuls

WorkPuls is a powerful time tracking tool developed with business in mind. It has many tracking and reporting features that other time tracking software apps don’t offer. It is an ideal choice for companies that need their employees to track their time. The app’s dashboard shows real-time information on the number of workers currently active (on the clock), which allows you to see how busy your employees are right at this moment. In addition, it can be used offline and there is no registration delay or learning curve, which means instant gratification. It supports both Android and iPhone, which makes this tool available to everyone who wants to track their work hours with it.

3. Everhour

If you want to manage your whole team more efficiently, try Everhour. With this app, you will easily manage projects, calculate and track time, generate reports, and distribute screenshots via e-mail. Besides, they offer a 7-day trial period that allows you to test the app without any commitments.

Everhour is a fantastic time tracking software for businesses. It offers both free and paid plans, easily integrates with any app, tracks hours worked, projects, expenses and tasks. All from one easy to use tool you can start using in seconds.

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is the solution to tracking time on different projects, saving screenshots and capturing data…all in real time. Not only that, but Hubstaff also has a built-in chat feature for teams so you can communicate with your remote employees. For me, it’s one of the coolest apps for small businesses that I’ve seen in a while.

Hubstaff is a time tracking software that allows you to easily manage your employees. It’s unique in the market, as it offers more features than any other option on the market for businesses seeking for a better solution.

5. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a system that can be integrated with whatever software or systems your business uses to track your time and their own time. The metrics and reports are easy to use and very clear to understand and read. If you are looking for an app that will automatically track the time you spend on projects in a very accurate manner, then this is the one for you. This app will change your timelining and make everything work better for you.

6. RescueTime

RescueTime provides a valuable service to any business that works with employees either in-office or remote. The ability to track employee time usage allows for increased efficiency, increased productivity, and ultimately a better way of doing business.

Essentially time tracking is a method employed by many companies to determine employee productivity. It entails the gathering of data on a company’s employee’s time and using it to assess performance. Time tracking is primarily used by small businesses and has been around for decades. This system has evolved into software which helps an employer who needs to track an employee’s work hours calculate overtime. The software does this automatically and it saves employees from the hassle of having to submit all the relevant details of their work day to managers each day.

7. Kisi

This app is a great way to keep track of all your employees working hours and make sure they clock out on time. It’s easy to use and convenient since the app is online. Overall, the design and color scheme of Kisi – employee time tracking app makes it visually appealing, although it looks slightly cluttered with all the information shown on the home screen.

8. ManicTime

ManicTime Time Tracking Software is a good time tracking app. It’s easy to use, has an excellent user interface and it’s also affordable. We’re pretty confident that you will be able to create reports and invoices using ManicTime. This time tracking software really helps you manage employee hours and projects.

9. Toggl Track

Tool helps manage time by tracking hours and tasks. it records the working time of your employees and shows you detailed information on each employee, including the working speed and results of the assignments performed by each worker. It is very easy to use, as well as simple and intuitive.

Toggl is one of the most used time tracking software available now. With this, you can schedule as many employees as you want and track all their activities. You can easily analyze their work and check if they are doing their assigned tasks or taking some time off.

10. TimeDoctor

Time tracking is a very simple, yet effective way to make sure that your employees are not dilly-dallying on the job. When you combine time management with the employee monitoring features of this app it’s a very effective tool for even smaller businesses to keep their workers on task and doing the right jobs. TimeDoctor can be deployed to track and monitor large workforces or just individuals working from home using a laptop or tablet.

11. Timely

Timely Employee Time Tracking App is an excellent time tracking software and allows you to easily schedule your employees tasks and track how much time they spend on their respective tasks. In business and in life we need to quantify things, so that there is complete transparency and clarity. This helps greatly in decision making and assessing the outcomes of our actions.

Timely is an easy to use time tracking app that makes it possible for the whole team to focus on work, instead of tracking their time. It’s like having a personal business assistant that makes it easy to estimate your working hours and expenses.

12. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a highly effective employee time tracking app that is excellent for productivity and business management. This can be used by any business to cut hours of lost time and get back on the right track. It is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Time Doctor is a web based employee time tracking software and people managers want to know if it could revolutionize the way they handle employee time management.

13. ActiTIME

As a matter of fact, there are a few options for those willing to take on the responsibility and handle the implementation of their own time tracking solution. However, just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. If you feel that you might need to move away from ActiTIME in a few months/years, it’s probably not worth investing your time into implementing it from scratch.

14. TopTracker

TopTracker time tracking Software is an ideal tool for managing employee time and attendance. It has a fast, easy to use interface which enables you to track time off, travel time, overtime and so much more. If you are looking for spreadsheet-free timesheet software that allows you to enter your times manually, or one that automatically tracks your projects and tasks based on the information that you enter, then TopTracker is the best choice for you.

15. ClickTime

So, as you can see ClickTime is designed to be very easy to use, and it is also an effective way for employees to bill their time. ClickTime has a well designed tracking system that works perfectly, and it has time tracking functionality. ClickTime makes it very easy to see how much time is spent on things like calls, emails and projects. ClickTrack is also an effective time tracker since it helps employees keep track of where every minute goes.

16. TopTracker

TopTracker is the leading employee time tracking app. It started with a small goal to help a small company by lowering their payroll cost and it is still helping businesses to this day! TopTracker has been featured on Investor’s Business Daily and its users have used the application to save over 70 million hours in labor costs! TopTracker is an easy to use employee time tracking software. It allows companies and freelancers to track time using their computers or mobile devices. It costs $9 per month to use this software.

17. ProofHub

The ProofHub time tracking app is a straightforward, simple to use tool with reasonable price plans. While having more advanced options would be nice in the future, there’s a lot to like about this app already. Organizations will love how it saves tremendous amounts of time and effort when monitoring employees. And on that note, it will be interesting to see where ProofHub goes in the future, as they continue to develop their product.

ProofHub is a simple yet robust employee time tracking software. The beauty of this app lies in its smooth user interface; the dashboard is quite intuitive, and I had no trouble setting up my account. If you are an individual looking for a structure tool to manage your projects or if you are a team leader on the lookout for project management software, this sleek application will meet all of your time tracking needs.

18. Teamwork Projects

Employee time tracking app is affordable, easy to learn and has all of the functionality that small business owners require from a good time tracking app.

This tool is a web-based Tracker for companies and freelancers. It provides project management capabilities as well as resource planning, team collaboration, and time tracking. It is good for small businesses with only a few resources to track time. The installation process is straightforward, and it is easy to find support if needed. The free trial is all that you have to prove whether this program will work for you or not.

19. Basecamp

Basecamp -employee time tracking app is a time tracker that not only help in managing the project but also help to analyze where the problem is, the places where the time is being spent and make the optimization by taking few simple steps.

In this article about a design project, we analyzed the best ways to track time on a project. The results of our research are that Basecamp is the most effective tool for time tracking and also allows you to have clear timestamps of what you have done, who you have worked with, as well as other important notes regarding the project.

20. Trello

Trello provides a way for employees to track their time, and for managers to review their work. At the same time it serves as a project management tool to help you accomplish your goals as a team. Trello is free up to 5 users and 2 free spaces, after that it starts at $3.75 per month.

Trello is a time tracking tool that has made it easy for users to rough out projects and track their employees’ performance. It is however, important to note that such tools may not be ideal for very small companies. Because the value it brings cannot be realized without having a large pool of employees to compile statistics for the managements’ reference.


These productivity and employee time tracking app should have solutions for just about any small business looking to improve their workflow. If there’s nothing listed above that matches your needs, or you’re a large corporation trying to monitor the hours and productivity of 1000+ employees, these apps still might not be quite right for you. In that case, we’d recommend checking out a service like DeskTrack , which caters towards small businesses and larger corporations alike.

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