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Gear Hobbing Cutters: An Introductory Overview

by Nathan Zachary
gear hobbing cutters

Gear hobbing is a technique for forming gear teeth with a rotating cutter tool. It is a continuous process in which the rotating speed is adjusted as needed. On CNC gear hobbing machines, teeth can be formed on a gear blank workpiece using a rotating cutter called a hob. A gear hobbing machine is a type of milling machine widely used in the gear manufacturing industry. The rotating velocity and speed must be synchronized with the gear blank to form teeth. The gear blank workpiece is fed towards the gear bank until the desired depth is not reached. This process is repeated until all of the teeth are fully formed. Hobs can be selected based on the application requirements. Thus,  are becoming more popular these days and come in handy.


Original equipment manufacturers have benefited from gear hobbing cutters in a variety of ways. The following are some of the most significant advantages of this technique. When compared to other processes, this equipment manufacturing technique is relatively quick. Furthermore, the gear hobbing machine is simple and does not require operational level attention. As previously stated, CNC gear hobbing devices are used for gear hobbing. This ensures precision that no other machine can match. It almost runs on autopilot, and the computer program about the design and technique aids in reducing human errors and producing high-quality, performance-driven gears in large quantities. This method can have a wide variety of kits suitable for various applications. Gear hobbing can create any number of teeth while maintaining quality.

Accessories Used

The gear hobbing machine can be used to make the following finished gears:

  • Sprockets
  • Spur gearing
  • Cycloid mechanisms
  • Helical gearboxes
  • Splines
  • Worm gearing
  • Gears that rotate
  • Ratchets

You may know about various aspects of the gear hobbing service by now. If your upcoming automotive or industrial applications necessitate standard or customized gearboxes, make sure you approach an industry-leading supplier who fully understands your needs and provides solutions accordingly. Additionally, ensure that the supplier is EASA certified. Among their competitors, Motor & Gear Engineering stands out. The company is a market leader in providing high-quality repair and rebuilding services for various branded gearboxes. In the gearbox segment, the company has highly skilled and experienced experts.

Hobbing Cutters and What They Do The cutting tool used by the robber to cut the teeth into the blank workpiece is called a hob. Hobs have cylindrical shapes and helical cutting teeth with grooves that run the length of the hob. These teeth help cut and chip removal. Special hobs are also made for specific products such as sprocket gears. The cross-sectional shape of the hob’s teeth is nearly identical to the teeth of a rack gear used with the finished product. The minor changes in cross-sectional shape are only necessary for cutting, but every single hob tooth is relieved on the back side to reduce friction. It helps in making the job easier and also adds efficiency into the equation.

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