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Giclee Prints- Everything You Need To Know About It 

by Nathan Zachary

Artists capture the memory of beautiful moments and make them eternal. We can cherish the paintings for many years. To make these paintings last longer, we should preserve them carefully. The best way to preserve the paintings is to print them on giclee canvas.

Earlier fine arts or paintings used canvas printing. But recently, canvas printing has been getting popular for photo prints as well because of its marvelous printing quality. The canvas-printed photos also remain in great condition for years. This type of printing has several attractive features in comparison to traditional photo prints.  

What Is Giclee Print?  

The word ‘Giclee’ has a French origin, and the term means ‘ to spray.’ An inkjet printer uses a similar kind of small spraying machine to make fine copies from the original art piece. But one thing you have to remember is that not all inkjet prints are not giclee prints. The giclee prints have certain features.  

What Are The Features Of Giclee Prints? 

  • A giclee print has an exceptional resolution, at least 300 dots per inch. The increased number of dots helps to maintain the integrity of the picture. Even if you zoom in to look, the picture should not distort.  
  • The printer used has a vital role to play in giclee prints. The type of printer will decide the quality of the end product.  
  • The ink used to print the giclee is always pigment-based. 
  • The giclee needs archival quality paper or canvas to print. The canvas is a fabric that can retain high-quality pigmented ink.  

Paper Or Canvas- Which One Is Better For Giclee Prints? 

Suppose you cannot decide which print medium to choose. Know the pros and cons of both paper and canvas. 

  • If we consider the printing expenses, printing on paper is almost half the price of printing on canvas. The high-quality canvas is a little on the expensive side. 
  • If you are planning to frame the work, you must protect it with glass if you have a paper print. You will also require high-quality acid-free frames too. Therefore, the expenses increase in framing the artwork. But with canvas printing, you will not need any glass protection or an acid-free frame.  
  • If you want to embellish the printed artwork, it is only possible on canvas prints.  
  • High-quality, acid-free archival papers are a good printing medium. But the canvas is better if you want to frame the art.  


With evolved technology, the canvas printing industry is rapidly growing. For better quality and longevity, people are leaning towards canvas prints. If you need giclee canvas prints at affordable prices, contact Giclee Today. They only use top-quality cotton canvas and paper.  

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