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Guide To Bricks in Construction: Measurements, Types, And Placements

by Nathan Zachary
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Our blog has discussed materials many times in recent years. In most cases, we were describing materials that were innovative, ecological, or even revolutionary in terms of their properties. We consider best quality material for construction work to use in Construction Companies in UAE. In our work, we consider it to be of utmost importance to always be up to date with the newest technologies.

Ceramic Bricks

As a result of the advancements, we are seeing in technology, we are able to make improvements in our projects and work. But today we are looking to go back to the basics, to the beginnings. Ceramic brick is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry.

Advantages Of Ceramic Bricks

There is no doubt that architecture and construction are always progressing, but changes occur at a very progressive pace. It is because of this that bricks will continue to use for a long time to come. In addition to being economical, versatile, and extremely easy to use, it is also a very versatile material.

Usage Of Bricks

Consequently, it would be practically impossible for them to replace completely with new ones. Because there is no doubt that we see bricks everywhere we go. No matter what building we look at, no matter where we go. And there are still a lot of people working in the construction industry.

Also, there are some people who do not know how to place a brick correctly. It can also be a problem for those who do not know how to differentiate one piece of equipment from another.

To Understand This Material

For this reason, we have designed this article with the aim of being a visual, practical, and easy-to-use guide. That can help anyone who needs it to understand this material quickly and easily. That is so common, but at the same time complex.

Due to the enormous variety of existing bricks in the world. We are going to focus only on those that we most commonly use.

Faces Of a Brick

Construction Companies in UAE

Edge – Face corresponding to the length by the height.

Testa – Face corresponding to the width by the height.

Table – Face with the largest surface of the brick.

Dimensions Of a Brick

Rope – It is the length of the brick and the longest measure.

Tizón – It is the width of the brick.

Thick – It is the height of the brick and the shortest measurement.

Types Of Brick to Support Loads

Construction Companies in UAE

                            Rope (Cm)      Blight (Cm)       Thick (Cm)

Solid                   23                      eleven                4/5.5

Perforated        24                      11.5                     5

Pressing           26                      13                        4

solid brick

perforated brick

pressed brick

Light Brick Types

            Rope (Cm)      Blight (Cm)       Thick (Cm)

Rasilla           25                     12                        2.8

simple hole   23                     eleven                4

double hole   23                     eleven                7


simple hole

double hole

Positions Of a Brick

Construction Companies in UAE

Rope – The edge seen.

Of blight – The testa seen.

A Sardinel – With the edge seen, but placed vertically. We use it only decoratively, such as on door and window lintels.

Tambourine – With the largest table or surface seen. It mainly uses for interior divisions.

Most Common Types of Rigging

Flamenco – All courses make up of rope and firebrand.

English – Row in rope alternated with row in blight.

Old English – Two courses of rope alternated with one course of tailings.

Cross or Belgian English – Same as English, but each rope course offset by 1/2 rope from the previous one.

Dutch – Strand course alternated with rope and stage course.

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