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History of the Kalabagh Dam – Bewildering Facts About This Project

by Nathan Zachary
History of Kalabagh Dam

The Kalabagh Dam is a Massive Hydroelectric Dam project in Pakistan. It was Originally Conceived in the 1970s, but construction only began after the Country’s Military Dictator Zia ul-Haq was deposed in 1988. Thedam has been Controversial from the start, with many claiming that it will negatively impact Local Ecosystems and even Endanger Lives Downstream.

Regardless of these Concerns, Construction on the Kalabagh Dam continues to this day. The Kalabagh Dam is a massive Dam Constructed in Pakistan, and it has been surrounded by controversy from the beginning. The Purpose of the dam was originally to provide water and power for the citizens of Karachi. But there have been many objections raised about its potential environmental impacts. Now, more than a decade after it began construction, questions still remain about this controversial project.

 Here is some bewildering (and sometimes mind-blowing) facts about this impressive project:

Facts about this Kalabagh Dam Project

The Kalabagh Dam will produce an estimated amount of electricity equivalent to 160 million homes. Enough to power roughly half of Pakistan’s population.

Construction on the dam has caused displacement and forced migration among locals living near its reservoir. As of 2016, over 1 million people have been displaced by the project. And hundreds of villages have been completely destroyed or badly damaged.

Zia ul-Haq deliberately exaggerated the economic benefits of building the dam in order to sway public opinion towards its approval. In truth, little evidence exists suggesting that Kalabagh Dam will actually increase Pakistan’s GDPin any significant way.

Construction on the Kalabagh Dam began in 2004, with an estimated cost of $5 billion dollars.

At its peak, Around 100 thousand workers were employed on site during construction phase. However, due to protests and opposition from local communities, the number of workers has steadily declined since then. There are currently only 7500 people working at Kalabagh Dam.

In February 2018 , Residents living near the dam filed a petition with supreme court seeking permission to leave their homes as part of plans to evacuate thousands during flood season .

Despite Concerns over possible environmental damage caused by this massive hydroelectric facility, policymakers continue to support its development. Because they believe that it will benefit civilians downstream via jobs and electricity access

The Kalabagh Dam is a major Hydroelectric Dam project in Pakistan that’s been on the drawing board for decades. Construction began in 2003 and is still ongoing, with no clear end in sight.

The Purpose of the Dam is to provide electricity for industrial development and irrigation purposes. It has been controversial from the start, with many people concerned about the negative effects it will have on the environment. As of Now, there are several incomplete parts of the dam, including a spillway and power plant. There have also been reports of corruption among officials working on the project. As well as serious safety concerns regarding its construction. If completed, the Kalabagh Dam will create an estimated 8 million tons of waste every year (the equivalent of filling up 200 stadiums with rubble).

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