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How much does a chamet agent earn in commission?

by Nathan Zachary
Chamet Agent Commission

Who Are Chamet Agents?

Chamet agents are freelance workers who work directly or indirectly with a streaming app name Chamet. Their primary work is to recruit girls to do streaming and video calling work on the app. Girls who join Chamet agencies are known as Official Hosts, they can use apps for entertainment or earning purposes, and girls have to interact with a live audience.

Is Running Chamet Agency Legal?

Today, in India live streaming and video calling apps has a huge market and millions of girls are working on these applications. Girls from very small towns are working on similar apps for their daily expenses. Chamet app strictly follows the guidelines and warns all hosts and agencies regarding their policies.
As an agency you have a duty to take care of app regulations and manage your hosts properly, your hosts should not be below 18, no nudity allowed, no smoking, no drinking, no abuse and many more.

Note: App never suggests hosts do nude and adult content, if anything against the policy is caught on live they get banned immediately. The app does not moderate on private calls, if hosts are performing adult content in private calls then it’s totally their risk also agencies should not support nudity. Hosts are suggested to use apps from their homes, and never visit any office or call centres that push girls to do adult streams and calls, this may be considered illegal and you may face consequences.

How To Become Chamet Agent?

To Become a Chamet agent you need to click on the registration link given below, submit your basic details and create an agency username and password.

Chamet Agent Registration: https://h5.ichamet.com/webH5/inviteAgent/bind.html?companyId=3338

After Registration, you can access your agency with this link: http://agent.ichamet.com/

How Much Chamet Agent Earn?

Chamet agent earning is totally dependent on their hosts and sub Agent earning. There is no fixed payment offered by the app to agents. Agents get their payment in form of commission and commission comes from the revenue generated by the hosts and sub-agents working under an agency.
Commission percent is 0%-24% and is determined by the revenue of your agency. The more your host & sub-agency earn, your commission will increase according to mentioned targets.

  • $0-149 = 0%
  • $150-499 = 5%
  • $500-$1499 = 10%
  • $1500-4999 = 15%
  • $5000-14999 = 20%
  • $15000-49999 = 22%
  • Aove $50000 = 24%

Chamet Agent Commission from Hosts:

Hiring hosts is the main task of a Chamet agent and they get paid for spending time on calls and receiving gifts from the users. Whatever they earn select as beans in their app wallet and 10000 beans become 1 US dollar. Agency gets commission according to their commission ratio for the week.

Chamet Agency Commission from Sub-agents:

Chamet allows their agents to add more agents to work under them, Upper agents are responsible to handle and manage their sub-agents queries and solve their problems. Sub-agents can help boost agency commission and increase their earnings.

Whatever sub-agents hosts earn, the agency gets a commission of that too, Upper agency commission ratio for the week must be higher than sub-agent commission ratio.

For example: if the sub-agent commission rate is 10% and the upper agent commission ratio is 15% the upper agent will get 5% of whatever sub-agent’s host to earn. In case if both are on a 10% commission ratio then the upper agent won’t get any commission from the sub-agent.

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How Chamet Pay To Their Agents:

Chamet pays their agencies weekly, whatever their hosts and sub-agents earn between Monday to Sunday, their commission will reject in their agency dashboard next week Monday and transfer to their Arripay wallet every Wednesday. Agencies have to withdraw their payment manually through Arripay and it may apply some service charges.

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