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How to become a lawyer in Pakistan? Full guide

by Nathan Zachary
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Lawyer or advocacy is a very good profession all over the world. The teachers and parents of the students encouraged them. Because Law is a respected profession like medical engineering in Pakistan and it is mapped. LLB students go to become lawyers in Pakistan. For example, a lawyer is responsible for protecting the interests of his client and others because he knows people’s rights and responsibilities.

There are several steps a student can take to become a lawyer in Pakistan. Becoming a lawyer in Pakistan takes quite a long time to start practicing law in Pakistan.

Becoming a lawyer in Pakistan

You should know that the maximum age limit to become a lawyer in Pakistan is 24. Admission to 5-year regular LLB program. The 3-year LLB program has been completely removed from Pakistan. The age limit is not set by the commission of higher education in Pakistan, as 24 is the last age to apply as many universities can agree on the age. Different types of lawyers in Pakistan.

auto accident lawyer

Secondary tests

To become a lawyer in Pakistan is to be a student who has passed the midterm exams. You can also join the LLB program at the university of your choice. Students can work hard to get a place in HSSC to get into better and better universities because the merit is very high.

LAW entrance exam

The Bar Entrance Examination is the next step to become a lawyer in Pakistan. After high school, you have to take the law entrance exam. With a minimum of 50 points. Because 50 points is a passing grade for the law entrance exam.

LLB major

LLB is a 5-year undergraduate program in Pakistan. NOW LLB is also an undergraduate degree program. in Pakistan, LLB is in semester system in public universities and in annual system in private universities and affiliated colleges.

LEGAL final exam.

After obtaining the LLB degree, it is necessary to pass the LAW GAT exam for licensure. Law Gat is run by professional students who have joined the Pakistani Bar Association.

Bar Council license

The last and final step for a lawyer in Pakistan is to obtain a license from the Bar Council. To obtain a license, the candidate must pass the Law Gat exam. Then do a 6-month internship with the best lawyer. Once you meet these requirements, you may be admitted to the prestigious Bar Council.

After obtaining the license, the newly graduated candidate can obtain probation after 2 years of lower level judicial training in Pakistan’s lower level courts and high level courts. And it takes at least 10 years to hear Supreme Court cases.

The scope of Pakistani LAW is very broad in all areas where a lawyer has to do his legal work.

Different types of lawyers in Pakistan

There are different types of lawyers in Pakistan, but some categories have the best coverage in Pakistan. As you know the coverage of laws in Pakistan is the best. This is the best variety

Being a successful lawyer is hard work but following some rules it is easy to become a successful lawyer in Pakistan.

criminal lawyer

A criminal lawyer is best in the Code of Criminal Procedure. criminal lawyer is also called a defense attorney. A criminal lawyer can defend his crime before the Criminal Court. criminal lawyer can charge a high fee for a high criminal case.

Civil lawyers

Civil cases can be managed by a civil lawyer. Like civil cases between people. such as property matters and other relational. civil lawyers can handle all cases that are not criminal and personal relationships and more. Civil lawyers are in high demand as 90 percent of cases in Pakistani courts are civil. so a good lawyer can make a lot of money from civil cases

Business lawyer

Any lawyer who works with any private company and businessman is called a business lawyer. The economic lawyer is the company’s legal advisor. In any case, they can protect their company and advise their clients on the legal way of working. So a business lawyer can ask your company for a lot of money.

Immigration attorney

An immigration lawyer can handle immigration, citizenship, safe travel, business migration, etc. for clients.

Tax lawyer

A tax lawyer is an expert in all types of taxes handled by tax lawyers in the country. Taxation has a lot of scope and a tax lawyer is a good type of lawyer, a tax lawyer can defend his client in any tax matter and issue.

Family lawyers

A family lawyer can manage the case between the families. A family lawyer can handle issues between families. such as domestic problems between husband and wife and all other types of domestic families are dealt with by a family lawyer.

labor lawyer

The labor lawyer can be a lawyer who represents the truth of the employees, and their legal affairs are handled by the labor lawyer. These types of lawyers in Pakistan stand by people who don’t have the money to spend more


Being a lawyer or lawyer is a great profession all over the world. The students’ teachers and parents encouraged them. As law is a respected profession in Pakistan like medical engineering and mapped. Students go for LLB to become lawyers in Pakistan. For example, a lawyer has a duty to protect the interests of his client and others because he knows people’s rights and responsibilities

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