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How to Create a Website Using Next.js? A Guide

by Nathan Zachary

What is Next.js?

As a platform for creating software applications utilising the React library, Next.js may also function as a React framework. It is loaded with capabilities that simplify the event of React apps. Since there are already tools made to aid programmers, we are not allowed to build from scratch. Next.js is a framework, which is a piece of software created by developers and used to build apps.

The biggest and most well-known companies in the world, including Netflix, Uber, Starbucks, and Twitch, all utilise Next.js. Additionally, it’s one of the most well-liked React frameworks by web development agency in delhi, which makes it perfect for dealing with static websites, a current hot subject in the web development world.

What characteristics does Next.js have?

System for page-based routing that supports dynamic routes We don’t have to worry about building code for page routers thanks to NextJS. Simple as that, we construct a page in a certain folder, and NextJS gives it routing.

Static generation (SSG) and server-side rendering (SSR) are both available for pre-rendering. A one-page React application employs client-side rendering, whereas server-side rendering (SSR) prepares a page’s content on a server (CSR).

The issue with CSR is that search engines won’t be able to read the page’s actual content, making it unfriendly to SEO. We can prevent problems like a flickering page while data is being fetched by using SSR in NextJS, and the content of our website will be SEO-friendly.

Support for any CSS-in-JS library as well as built-in CSS and Sass support

Full-stack capabilities: Adding backend code to a project using NextJS is made simpler for React developers. Adding our code for data storage, data retrieval, authentication, and other functions is quite simple.

Exporting a fully static website from your app is possible using Next.js’s next export command.
Dynamic imports are also possible for JavaScript modules and React components.

Prefetching: The Link component, which is used to connect several pages, offers a prefetch prop that prefetches page resources—including any missing code as a result of code splitting—automatically and in the background.

When should Next.js be used?

As per the website development agency india, we need to be aware of our goals in order to respond to this question. There is nothing wrong with wanting more; there is no requirement that it be just one aim.
Additionally, it won’t be hard for engineers like us to understand React (moving from Angular to React).

How is Next.js superior?

Objectives that Next. js can help you accomplish:

  • An increase in sales and conversion rates.
  • Increasing marketing channels.
  • Competition catching up Improved user experience.
  • Lower expenses for maintenance.
  • Scaling a business is easier.

Because NextJS offers its users a wealth of choices, which translates into a long list of benefits, it is possible. However, Next has drawbacks much like any other technology.

When should Next.js not be used?

According to the top web development companies in Delhi, at present, next.js offers quick response times, efficient code-splitting, server-side rendering, etc. With the assistance of a Node.js server handling all requests, all these wonderful capabilities are possible.

We should reconsider our prior programme, which was a typical single HTML file. One may argue that we can export or generate the site and use it the old-fashioned way. 

However, you are not utilising Next.js to its full potential. Consequently, you are not even required to have it. You needed a needle to mend a button on your shirt, but instead, you’re using a sword to accomplish the work.

How to Use Next.js to Build a Website

Node.js and NPM must be installed on your local development computer before you can start.

How to build a website with Next.js

Step 1: Bootstrap A Next.js Application
Step 2: Develop Your First Page
Step 3: Pull Data From An External API and Display It
Step 4: Add CSS Styling
Step 5: Prepare Your App For Production

Advantages to utilising Next.js

SEO: Improved Search Engine Optimization using js With all the capabilities and interaction you want, you can use it to build a web application and yet enjoy the SEO advantages of a static text-based website.

Open Graph Customization: It might be difficult to adequately show information for each of your web application’s URLs on SPAs, in particular. Next. JavaScript enables you to programmatically change the Open Graph meta names for each page, which is beneficial for SEO and improves the appearance of your URLs on social media.

Enhanced Performance: Nextjs may greatly increase metrics like total blocking time even if it does not cause the browser to halt while downloading and running a lot of JavaScript code at once (TBT).

Lazy loading: Nextjs offers a better user experience as a result of lazy loading. It could take a while for the webpage to load. The user may leave our website if the loading duration is more than 30 seconds. Utilize a tool to warn the user that

Accessibility: Finally, the accessibility of Next JS websites and online applications is enhanced by their cross-platform compatibility.

Disadvantages of utilising next.js

Route handling: We are unable to alter the way Next.js handles routes since it can only utilise a file router. A Node.js server is required to use dynamic routes.

Build Time: The creation of apps with several pages might be time-consuming due to Next.js’ support for static website building.

We have covered the next js’ usage cases in this blog. Both where and when it can be applied. We have also seen the advantages and disadvantages of the next.js and how to create a website using it. If you still have any issues and want to hire web development services in Delhi, worry not Code Craft Crew as the top web development agency in India got you covered.

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