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by Nathan Zachary

Whether you are looking for a paid transcription job or want to find the best free transcription projects, there are several ways to find a transcription online services provider that works for your needs. There are numerous online services that offer transcription services that pay well, and many of them offer the flexibility to choose when and where to work. Some companies pay weekly, and some pay on a project-by-project basis.


Trint is an online transcription services provider that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to translate audio and video content. It offers multi-user editing of transcriptions, a mobile iOS app for editing audio and video files, and enterprise workflow integration. It is perfect for journalists, media producers, researchers, authors, and freelancers. Its best feature is real-time transcription. The company is headquartered in London and offers flexible plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises. It has an estimated annual revenue of $23.2 million.

Trint combines a text editor and an audio/video player to produce a transcript of any recorded audio. The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce transcripts quickly. The software was developed by Jeff Kofman, a war correspondent who previously manually transcribed thousands of hours of interviews.

The user-interactive transcription services tool allows users to navigate through a video, select a specific part of the video, and have it auto-scroll as the video plays. However, it can falter with complex audio files and background noise. However, the company’s customer success managers offer custom training and assistance for clients. They also help users set up their workflows.

There are several free trials available on many speech to text services. These trials will help you determine which one will best meet your transcription needs. Each service differs in speed, accuracy, and price. Take Note, for example, guarantees 99% accuracy rates and guaranteed delivery times. These are all important criteria for selecting the right transcription service.

Trint Transcription is one of the leading speech-to-text companies in the United States. It has several years of experience in the industry and serves millions of customers. The company employs over 60,000 speech-to-text freelancers and offers multiple languages. Moreover, it has an AI-powered version of its service.


SyncScript is a private company that specializes in transcription and translation services. Its management team has over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company provides a variety of transcription services, including word-for-word transcription, capture sheet transcription, annotated transcription, and priority transcription. It also offers one to five-day turnaround times and multiple timestamp options. The company also employs linguists who offer translation services. SyncScript’s management team is dedicated to providing high-quality services at a reasonable price and believes in creating value for their customers.

SyncScript pays its transcribers on a per-minute basis. Depending on the length of the audio material, this rate can vary from 57 cents to 63 cents per audio minute. They pay by direct deposit and via check. SyncScript has been in business for over 20 years and pays its transcriptionists on a weekly basis.

SyncScript pays well and offers flexible hours. However, it is important to note that transcriptionists must be US residents in order to be eligible to work for them. This company’s requirements include a criminal background check and a written test. Applicants must also have an accurate typing speed of 70 wpm.

SyncScript requires applicants to pass a few tests before being approved for a position. Those with a good typing speed and an advanced knowledge of grammar are often hired by this company. Applicants should have previous experience in law enforcement and financial interpretation, and have access to a computer with an appropriate foot pedal. In addition, they will have plenty of opportunity for growth.

SyncScript provides a variety of transcription online services. There are word transcripts and SyncExcel transcripts. Word transcripts are verbatim, while SyncExcel transcripts are accelerated. The latter type of transcription allows for easy data viewing and analysis. This type of transcription is also preferred by researchers.

SyncScript also offers an online option for importing digitized interviews. These transcripts can be imported into Avid Media Composer. It will import text with a three-inch margin.


GoTranscript is an online transcription services provider that offers jobs for transcribers. Transcriptionists can select any transcription job that they are interested in and can be paid upon completion. Once they have uploaded a file, they will be notified via email. Afterwards, they can view their earnings on their Stats page.

GoTranscript specializes in transcription of audio and video. Their services range from simple audio recordings to complex, multi-language projects. These include academic, scientific, and technical papers. They also offer fast turnaround times. Prices vary, depending on the duration of the audio, the number of speakers, the language preference, and other factors.

GoTranscript is a UK-based company that has transcribed more than 144 million minutes of content. Its customer list includes Forbes, The Huffington Post, and the University of Cambridge. It is a multi-platform provider that supports more than 50 languages. In addition to audio and video transcription, it also provides closed captioning and subtitling. This makes it an excellent choice for those who need dissertation or academic papers.

GoTranscript offers free trials for orders up to $10. It also offers a student discount of 20%. GoTranscript also offers a Customer Loyalty program, which rewards users for their frequent use of their services. However, pricing is not transparent, and there are some hidden costs. Prices range from $0.90 per minute to $2.5 per minute.

This online transcription services provider allows you to convert audio files to text files. Depending on the type of recording, you can convert your audio files into different languages. The transcription is an important step in preparing presentations, white papers, and other content for your business. Once you have transcribed the audio files, you can make a written copy of them to share with clients or stakeholders.

This automated transcription service works by analyzing the content that you are recording. It then uses artificial intelligence to produce transcripts for you. While it’s not as accurate as a human transcription, it is fast and affordable. It also lets you edit and collaborate on your content while listening.


Temi is an online services provider that offers high-quality, automated transcription services. There is no minimum charge or subscription fee, and users can edit transcripts online, add custom timestamps, and mark who is speaking. The company claims 90-95 percent accuracy. It has 10,000 customers, including journalists and podcasters. The service uses speech recognition software and an automated speech-to-text algorithm to generate transcripts. Customers can choose to download transcripts as PDF, MS Word, SRT, or VTT formats.

Temi’s transcription services are ideal for healthcare and medical organizations, as well as law firms and legal teams. They also provide industry-specific set-up and security features. Users can use the transcription services from a web browser or even their iPhone. Users can also get a free trial, so they can test the service and see whether it meets their needs.

The online services accepts all types of audio files and automatically transcribes the content for you. It can transcribe meetings, podcasts, lectures, and more. The accuracy rate is about 95% for good-quality audio files, and prices start at $0.25 per hour. Happyscribe also accepts files in multiple languages, and offers an interactive editor to customize transcripts for specific purposes.

Temi also adds features, such as custom timestamps, API integrations, and speaker identification. It also provides an iOS and Android app for users to organize and share audio recordings, and order transcripts. Its security measures include TLS 1.2 encryption. Users can also request non-disclosure agreements to protect the privacy of their recordings.

GoTranscript is another transcription services provider with great quality and reasonable prices. This UK-based company has transcribed over 144 million minutes of audio. Its services include video and audio transcriptions, as well as closed captioning and subtitling. GoTranscript is one of the best options for dissertation transcription because it can handle even the most challenging STEM academic papers.

Trint is another online services provider that offers affordable rates and a range of tools. The company offers a free trial for your first thirty minutes of audio file. The company also offers a mobile app that lets users edit their transcripts while on the go. And once the transcriptions are finished, the company can email them to you.

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