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How To Make Your College Bed Into A Murphy Bed

by Nathan Zachary
How To Make Your College Bed Into A Murphy Bed

Are you living in a dorm room, studio apartment or tight space? If so, you may be lacking both floor space and storage. A murphy bed is the perfect solution to these issues because it transforms your bed into an extra work or storage area when you’re not sleeping in it. In order to make your college bed into a murphy bed, follow these step-by-step instructions and be prepared to have lots of friends ask you where you got the idea from!

Why build a murphy bed?

Murphy beds are great for when you need the space of a full-sized bed, but don’t want it taking up all of the floor space in your dorm room. They’re also great for kids’ rooms, guest rooms, and more. Building one is a fairly easy project as long as you have access to basic tools like a saw and drill. Here’s how

What you need

We’ve been on the hunt for a Murphy Bed as an alternative to our lofted bed and it turns out you can make one with just some simple tools. All you need is some plywood, a mattress, brackets, and screws. The first step is making the brackets. We cut these using our table saw but if you don’t have access or the appropriate equipment, it can easily be done with just some wood cutting nails or power tools.

The next step is assembling the rest of the frame including attaching it all together and adding hinges. Once we attached everything together we did test fittings with the mattress to ensure it would fit properly before doing any permanent assembly.

Tools required

A Murphy Bed is a type of furniture that is built in an arrangement where the bed can be pulled out from either end. This allows for more space in tight spaces like dorm rooms or apartments.

There are many different types of Murphy Beds, but typically you need the following tools:

-A box spring and mattress (if you’re not using an inflatable mattress) -A metal frame -Wood boards -Metal brackets -Screws

To assemble the bed, start by attaching the metal brackets to the wood boards with screws. Use two brackets per board, one on each side. The wood boards should be placed next to one another and parallel with their tops touching.

Step by step tutorial

  • Measure the width and height of the mattress.
  • Construct the frame out of 2x4s, or use an old bed frame if you have one lying around. You can use metal brackets or wood screws to secure it together.
  • Build a wall out of 2x4s, leaving an opening on one side that is equivalent in size to the width of your mattress plus at least 10 inches on either end (so the ends don’t hang over).

This will be where you pull down the Murphy Bed from the ceiling when needed. Make sure that this wall is tall enough so that when pulled down, it does not hit any part of your furniture below

Tips, tricks and more information

If you’re looking for some tips on how to turn your twin size dorm room bed into a murphy bed, then look no further!

Today I’m going to share with you my step-by-step guide for transforming your dorm room twin size bed into a Murphy Bed. Plus, I’ll be sharing with you some of my best ideas and hacks so that you can still get the use out of all the space in your dorm. Let’s get started!

Gather supplies Assemble the tools and materials you’ll need such as plywood boards, hinges, screwdrivers, carpenter’s square.


Murphy beds are the best way to maximize space in small spaces. It’s important to have something you can use as a couch or place for guests. Murphy beds are also nice because they’re compact and easy to store away when they’re not needed. If you want to learn how to make your college bed into a murphy bed, just follow these steps:

1) Take down the frame of the old bed and cover it with canvas so that it can be rolled up later on. Leave enough room at the top so that when you want to fold it back up, there’s room for the headboard and footboard. 2) Take two 2x4s and attach them together with 3 inch screws in an L shape.

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