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How To Tell If That Ring Is Actually A David Yurman One? Let’s Know About It?

by Nathan Zachary
If That Ring Is Actually A David Yurman One? Let's Know About It?

Over the years, the David Yurman brand has produced the world’s most coveted and admired, and highly beloved collections. The brand has delivered exclusive designs in the jewelry world that have never been seen before. Men have comparatively few jewelry brands to pick from than women to find their favorite designs and jewelry. David Yurman is one of them. 

This brand has used specific materials and mixed designs. Many of its pieces included paving diamonds. So, spotting a fake becomes easy if you know the brand’s specialties. This guide will cover some tips you can use to spot a fake David Yurman mens rings. So, let’s get you started. 

The Best Way To Know Whether It’s An Actual David Yurman Ring Is To Look At The Materials It’s Made From.

Mainly the David Yurman brands use various materials and metals, including sterling silver, anodized aluminum, 14K or 18K gold, ceramic, copper, titanium, and rhodium-plated silver. To spot the fake ring, you want to inspect the material it is made from closely. But take your time with it, as even if the material is genuine, it is not a clear indicator that the ring is real.

The best way to check a fake ring is to inspect its gemstone. The brand has used very specific faceting techniques to give the gemstone its place on the ring. It is quite challenging for the fakers to copy the faceting techniques. However, if it is difficult to determine this on your own, you should take your ring to a certified jeweler. 

Always Make Sure That The Jewelry Has Its Proper Markings.

Every brand has its markings. So does David Yurman. You can inspect the ring to know if it is stamped ‘D.Y.,’ ‘D. Yurman,’ or ‘David Yurman. ‘ 

You will find a crisp copyright symbol next to the designer’s signature. Also, the David Yurman pieces will have a gold purity stamp beside the sterling silver 925 stamps. If you can’t see the stamping on the ring or it has the stamping, but you need to know if it’s real, take it to the jewelers who can tell the difference.  

It Should Come With A Certificate Of Authenticity, Which You Can Check For Various Signs.

The biggest warning sign that you are going for fake jewelry is that most of the fake Yurman pieces didn’t come with the certificate. It is one of the biggest red flags. Or, in case you receive the certificate, it will not be genuine. All of the Yurman pieces come with a certificate of authenticity, which provides you with every detail of the ornament. So, you are not receiving it. There is a problem

The Catalogs Will Help You Determine Whether Or Not The Design Of Your Chosen Piece Is Genuine.

Catalogs influence purchase decisions. And that is why almost every company has them. Suppose you are buying a ring from the specific David Yurman mens rings collection. Then you want to look at that catalog of that collection. If your selected ornament is present in the collection, then it’s a good sign. Once you have found the collection, the next step is to look for the certificate proving its authenticity. 

Go Online And Check Out The Catalogs Of David Yurman Itself Or Any Other Trusted Retailers That Sell Their Products.

Most of the users don’t buy the rings directly from David Yurman. Rather they go to the certified retailer who can provide them with the certified David Yurman mens rings. 

If you are also considering buying rings from the retailer, make sure you pick the right one. You can find both online and offline retailers to shop for your favorite. Certified Fine Jewelry is one of the best stores to purchase your favorite fine jewelry, from David Yurman rings to Tiffany cufflinks for men. Not only can you get a wide variety of jewelry pieces, but you also receive a certificate of their authenticity with each and every ornament. 

You Can Avoid Being Duped Into Buying Fakes By Looking At The Photos Carefully And Comparing Them Against The Real Thing.

Yes, it is always hard to track if it is fake or original. The best practice is to take your ring to a jeweler who can spot the fake. However, if you still want to do some due diligence on your own. Then, one of the things that you can do is compare your ring with the photos from the catalog or the David Yurman website itself. For example, let’s say you have the ring from the Albion collections. These rings are very symmetrical. This collection has two cabled bands and is evenly sized and spaced at the top of the ring and underneath the sittings. You can compare these settings with the photo to find out if there are any changes. The brand puts in years of hard work to make a piece for you, which forgers tend not to do. So, naturally, you will find something that looks odd. 

The widths of the cabled shanks vary quite often. At first sight, it may be challenging to tell the difference between the two bands, but as you go closer to the setting, 

Takeaway: Know How To Tell A Fake Ring From A Real One

David Yurman is not just an ordinary brand; it has been a leader in the world of fashion. It manages to take the finest materials and make pieces that everyone is looking to buy. The company has a base in the United States, New York, and Europe, which gives the company some advantage in knowing what the customer is looking for and gearing up products accordingly. Obviously, you can’t go wrong by buying from a brand like Yurman. However, if you’re shopping for a more affordable ring, there are some things to watch out for in the quality of jewelry. If you mostly invest in gold and silver products, ensure they’re of good quality. Make sure to shed out those diamonds, rubies, or sapphires on a special cloth to see whether the glimmers are so bright; a dull-looking stone is one way to tell if it’s a fake.

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