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Over 600,000 customers use Instacart’s 750 retail partners. Customers may buy their favorite products without leaving home. Personal shoppers, customer service professionals, and brand advocates are needed at Instacart. The Instacart is a good place to shift careers.
Before submitting your application, read this. This Instacart jobs guide explains the application procedure and rewards.


It was in 2012 when Apoorva Meht, a resident of San Francisco, started the grocery delivery service Instacart. The Shopper app allows users to order goods and have them delivered to their doorstep. Or, a client may have an in-store shopper do the picking and packing for them, making their purchase ready for curbside pickup.
Instacart is the industry standard for grocery delivery in the United States and Canada. Reality, the firm has over nine million downloads of its app and a 45% share of the grocery delivery industry in the United States.
In certain areas, Instacart may deliver groceries ordered online the exact same day. Addition, clients may place orders up to two weeks in advance if they choose. Instacart has relationships with several different supermarkets and warehouse clubs, such as ALDI, Costco, Kroger, and Sam’s Club. It is also possible to shop at independent, neighborhood supermarkets.


Most Instacart positions need 18-year-olds. You need a high school diploma or equivalent and employment eligibility. Food delivery and truck drivers require legal licenses, insurance, and clean driving records. You’ll need a functioning car and an internet-connected smartphone.
Some jobs entail lifting over 30 pounds and standing for hours. Instacart requires detail-oriented employees. Full-service shoppers ensure fresh goods and provide real-time information on Instacart promo code.
Customer service, communication, dependability, and time management are also important. Retail, IT, transport, or food experience is a plus.


As an instacart careers full-service shopper, you may work independently and choose your own hours. You must register here. Those without transportation who desire to be in-store shoppers may start here.
Both alternatives need a few account information. Instacart requests your name, email, phone number, and zip code.
Download Instacart’s app. Depending on your device, utilize the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After registration, there’s a background check. For more, see our Instacart application tutorial.
Finance, sales, customer experience, business operations, technical delivery, and software engineering are all accessible. Visit Instacart’s website to apply.


Instacart careers doesn’t interview for all positions. Instacart shoppers, for example, must fill out an application and pass a background check. Some locations need an in-store grocery shopping trial. Hourly positions may need an interview. Arrive 10 minutes early for a management meeting.
Prepare interview questions and responses. Emphasize relevant experience and transferrable abilities. Job-type-specific replies are possible. For a customer service career, highlight your communication skills, collaboration, and retail, supermarket, or restaurant expertise.
Bring your résumé and dress neatly. Business casual is the best interview attire. Video chat or phone interviews with Instacart happen sometimes.


Why Instacart?
When did you provide great customer service?
Five years from now?
What’s Instacart?
What is teamwork?
How strong are you?
Grocery experience?
How would you handle a job mistake?
Instacart background checks?


Yes, Instacart undertakes background checks. A third-party will generate a background report with your approval.
For background checks, instacart careers utilizes Check. Sterling is sometimes used. The average 10-year criminal background check. Local, state, and national databases indicate offences and misdemeanors. Instacart’s wants to ensure you won’t harm consumers, partners, or coworkers.

There’s a driving background check for food delivery drivers. Instacart’s prioritizes safe driving since you’ll be representing the brand. Red flags include irresponsible driving, DUIs, excessive speeding, and abandoning the scene of an accident.


Instacart’s may validate your application, including your education and employment experience, with a background check. The application procedure ends with a background check. You may discuss prior challenges and life changes in a job interview.
Learn about the Instacart’s background check in our guide.


There is often not a drug test for open employment at Instacart’s. Instacart’s careers a successful background check is a prerequisite for employment. A criminal record check will reveal any convictions, including those for drug or alcohol charges, so be honest about your past.

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There are certain advantages to working for this web-based grocery delivery business. An Instacart’s shopper may be eligible for benefits despite working as an independent contractor.
Consumer injury insurance, for instance, may help you get in touch with medical professionals if you get an injury while shopping. In the case of an accident at work, you and your family will be able to get financial assistance with medical bills and lost wages.


You’ll have access to Care, an online resource that connects you with a variety of services, such as babysitters and academic mentors. In addition, there is the possibility of receiving sick pay and help with paying for school for certain workers.
The advantages of using instacart’s careers as a shopper are explained in detail here.
Hourly workers could be eligible for better benefits than they now get. Eligible workers, for instance, may participate in a 401(k) plan that allows them to save a portion of their salary before taxes.


Pay for Instacart’s shoppers is not set in stone. Their rates are negotiable since they are considered freelancers. In this position, you have the freedom to choose your own schedule and put in as much or as little time as you like.
Earnings per lot may be shown on the e-commerce website. Tip income and peak hours pay off. In general, how much do people who deliver meals get paid? Wages in the United States typically range from $9.00 to $22.00 an hour.

Keep in mind that instacart’s careers offers a variety of opportunities beyond just grocery delivery. The going pay for personal shoppers in retail stores is $14.00/hr. on average. Experts in social media may charge $22 per hour, while customer success specialists earn $18 per hour.
The remuneration for a senior post is greater than that of an entry level one. For instance, the average hourly wage for an operations manager is $30.14, whereas the average hourly wage for an account manager is $35.69. Programmers average $55.58 an hour in salary.

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