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Our Professional hair wrapping Salon towels

by Nathan Zachary

Our towels will give you more polish and overall better hair, less frizz and breaking. They are very gentle and also cut the drying time in half.

Our Sustainable Hair Towel soaks seven times more water than conservative cotton towels, their ultra-absorbency gives you good peace of mind and it is cost-effective as only one towel is required for one client! They are bio-degradable too, which means that you are doing a bit for the environment. It is made from eco-friendly plant fibers, this comfortable sustainable towel is not only 100% hygienic but soft and comes in a characteristic embossed design for that added luxurious feel. Every customer has their personal towel which is fresh and has never been used before, safeguarding cross-contamination is completely eradicated. Serving you to become a sustainable salon will save you money.

Why you should convert Sustainable Hair Towel

  • Salons around the world have selected cotton towels for use after treatments. But it has been identified that they promote sustainable practices in the hairdressing sector.
  • Eco towels’ do not require a washing machine. No electrical appliance required for laundry means no associated water and energy costs.
  • Salon towels are used on one client, so the risk of cross-contamination between schedules is eliminated.
  • Disposable towels are delivered freshly folded and ready for use. This saves the staff’s time and also preserves a positive image for the salon.

Single-use towels are more absorbent than regular towels

 As a waste, all the used disposable towels can biodegrade in 12 weeks. We are proud to offer specialized eco-friendly products to salons all across the country.

Types of Sustainable Hair Towel

Single-use towel

Single-use towel, also known as disposable towel, is becoming gradually popular amongst salon businesses and specialists. This is because

Sustainability is very good for a salon’s reputation

More clients are starting to gain sustainability in businesses, so it is now more important to get on board with becoming eco-friendly. Not only it is better for the atmosphere, but it will do wonders for your salon’s reputation. Specialists will know how modest the hair and beauty industry is, so giving your clients an additional positive reason to stick by your salon is always beneficial.

Disposable towels are often cost-effective

Disposable towels may be changed from their reusable counterparts, but they are super cost-effective. The expert will still maintain all the key benefits they want, such as being soft and also absorbent

Disposable towels are often energy-efficient

Using disposable towels can cut down water and energy consumption by half?

Disposable towels are also biodegradable

Another great eco-friendly feature of opting for disposable towels is that they are biodegradable.

The Reusable towels

Salon owners and experts will know that when creating a flawless salon setting the kind of towels you use will help to contribute not only to the overall presence of your salon but also to the comfort of the client.

  • Reusable towels give a more upscale appearance and if you run a chiefly luxurious salon, buying reusable towels will give your salon and your client’s action that little extra touch, which will contribute to an upscale appearance as opposed to the disposable option.
  • They can match your salon’s color scheme
  • It is not uncommon for salons to capitalize on interesting colors so that the towels match the overall color scheme, which can bring everything together.
  • The key to sustainable growth lies in the best quality
  • The key to keeping your reusable towels sustainable lies in the quality of towels you buy. When buying towels for your salon, it is always important to choose the correct materials.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of premium quality reusable towels that are flawless for professional use. We also know that it is important for towels to match not only in superiority but also in the style. All of our expert reusable towels are of the best quality, which will permit you to get the most out of them. The disposable towels are eco-friendly. If you love what reusable towels pay to your environment, investing in quality towels can be maintainable in the long run

Want to purchase the best Sustainable Hair Towel

Want to purchase the best Sustainable Hair Towel? Be sure to check out the Sustain Beauty Co for a wider range of Sustainable Hair Towels which are professional towels to choose from.

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