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Social Media Apps: Features and Costs

by Nathan Zachary
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Social media apps are booming even after ages. The development of apps with innovative features and the updated setting is best for the users. Social media users are looking for new apps to add to their mobile phones and use exciting features.

The primary purpose of social media apps is to connect with others, share life status, and more. Do you also want to create social media apps? If yes, you must want to know the features you should and could add to your app. And how much the social media app will cost you?

To get the answer to all these questions, continue reading below.

Different Types Of Social Media Apps

You must decide what app you want to determine the cost of developing a social media app.

To make your game successful, you have to bring a new idea. But first, let’s see what types of apps are there.

Networking App

The social media app includes apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. The perfect platform is for the users to expand their networking and find partners, leads, co-workers, and experts from their fields to connect with them.

You can also leverage users from over the world. Or you make the app specific to a community. The apps can also work for developing personal contact networks, expanding your professional network, looking for investors, and leads, and helping people find suitable mates.

Messaging And The Calling Apps

In messaging apps, you can include WhatsApp, Viber, and others. Messaging apps are a great way to communicate with others at a great distance.

Photo Sharing Apps

The photo-sharing apps include Instagram and Pics art, and you can share, edit and post a picture on your handles.

Other Social Media Apps

  • Team communication app
  • Broadcasting app
  • Blogging and discussion forums

The Features You Should Include In Social Media App

After deciding what type of app, you are going to make. The app’s features will determine the total cost of developing your social media app. And also, they will be responsible for the success of your apps.

The Signup Features

It would help if you offered the users various signup options. For example, you can integrate options such as email and password, phone number and password, or anything else. Adding the “Forgot password” feature is essential to make your social app more user-friendly.

For technologies, the developers can use Facebook or Google SDK. It is also possible to choose Amazon, like Amazon SES or SNS.

User Profile

It depends on the social app type; you should let the users create various profiles. This screen should have options such as connecting the other users and viewing each other shared media files and posts. A thoughtful profile can also make the customers subscribe. That is why you need to consider this feature.


The search option or in-app finder is essential to create a social media app. It will help the users to find people more quickly. Make it possible to search the subject by tags, users’ names, and locations.


For any social media app, the newsfeed feature helps the users to stay tuned about the topic they are following. All the updates and information from friends and the communities will be here. It is possible to incorporate this feature. Let’s say you want to develop an app like Instagram and then study the layout of the app.


How to make your app vibrant and survive. Add a chat option. It is a convenient option to add it. The users can send photos, messages, or videos is also a vital part of any social network. It is possible to integrate group chats and channels to let the users chat in a group.

Add Post

Social media apps such as Instagram or Facebook offer the space to create posts with different content. You can add videos, text, and photos from the gallery or take candid pictures from the camera. You can create a short description and post it on social media apps.

Location Based Content

One more exciting feature of a social media app is providing content to the users’ location. The app can analyze the location and show the content posted by other users within the exact location. In addition, the users can also add their whereabouts to the photos or the videos they are posting. Google places can be helpful with the development of the location-based content feature.

Cost To Create Social Media Apps

The social media app production cost depends on several features. The cost’s central element was the features you add to your app. On average, the simple app starts from $25,000 to $60,00. An app with medium complexities costs you $64,000 to $70,000; if your app is much more complex, it can cost you above $1,000,000.

Let’s say you want to build an app like Instagram. So, an app like Instagram other costs you much because of the complexities in the development.


Creating a social media app is relatively easy if you know what you want. There are a lot of complexities when it comes to the development of the app. Choose the right features for your app and the right development company to have the best social media app yourself.  

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