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A Solitaire Strategy to Help Increase Your Chances of Winning

by Nathan Zachary

Solitaire is a card game and to some people, it sounds easy and to some people, it sounds difficult. 

It is neither the most difficult nor the easiest of all card games.

Solitaire is a tricky game some people consider it a luck-based game but it is not 100% true. 

If you know the various tricks and strategies for winning this game then there is no need for luck in it. 

And if you are not familiar with its strategies then there is no need to worry about anything because we are here to provide you with the solution. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best solitaire strategies that will help you in winning the game perfectly. 

So without wasting any further time let’s take a look at the most useful strategies for winning solitaire. 

Learn the Rules of the Game:

Yes, it is completely true that without knowing the rules of any game you can’t win it.

So before moving to any strategy you need to not just know but you need to learn the rules of this card game. 

The basic rules of solitaire mostly remain the same but the goals of various solitaire types are different from each other.

It’s recommended to learn the rules of the Klondike solitaire first as it is the simplest and the basic version of solitaire.

Use The Undo Button:

Undo button is one of the best things in online solitaire. This one button is very helpful. Make sure you use it whenever you feel that a wrong move is made. 

Doing so will allow you to retrace your steps from the last action you performed and execute the correct step you missed.

Moreover, the undo function allows players to see how a change in movement affects the game structure.

It is possible to move both simultaneously and see the supplementary moves that each enables by pressing the undo button.

Make sure you choose the one that maximizes your chances of success.

Make Empty Piles Early On:

Columns with fewer cards should be moved to columns with more cards.

When rearranging sequences into a fully packed build, you can briefly use empty piles to place cards-transfer cards to blank areas to turn over more additional cards.

Make sure all of your cards and sequences are facing forward – whether they are single-suit or mixed suit.

Mixes should be rearranged to one-suit piles. You need to find those cards that are missing and you need them for completing the sequence. 

Don’t Leave a Space Without a King:

There is no other card that can be the first to appear on an empty spot unless it is a king. In the absence of one, it is useless.

The only time you can clear a spot is if that spot can be filled with a king. The card you keep may occupy the available space while drawing fresh cards.

If only an ace remains in the column, it should be cleared. This cannot be stacked on top of it, so it needs to be moved. It is also important to consider the number two. 

Stick with threes and higher numbers until you have a king. If you want to decide which king to use, you need to consider the next few moves.

Red jacks, red 10, and red nines are required for black queens, and so on.

There are also black nines, red 10s, and blackjacks. The king with the greatest number of compatible cards should be played.

It’s on top of everything else in the column so think about it before you play the king. You may be stymied significantly by the “wrong” king.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

So these are the top 4 strategies that you can use in order to win the Solitaire card game very easily.

With all these strategies you need alot of practice. Let us know which strategy works best for you. 

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