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How Time Tracking Software can Make Your Employees More Productive

by Uneeb Khan
Time Tracking Software for Employees

Implementing time-tracking software is a great way to make your employees more productive at their jobs. Productivity isn’t just about hours worked, producing more of what they do best. It’s knowing who is working the most efficiently and effectively, and where that person could be doing things better than they are now.

It’s been proven time and again that employees are distractible. This can make them feel disempowered, disengaged, and unambitious. The solution isn’t to just sit back and expect them to commit to your company vision — it’s about giving people the power to manage their time and improve their productivity. That’s where time tracking software comes in!

Whether your employees are DIY workers or full-time employees, time tracking software helps you monitor how much time they’re spending on their daily tasks. While it may be difficult to measure how long your employees spend on their duties each day, there is a good chance that you can achieve better results if you use software for tracking.

8 Reasons to Make Your Employees More Productive with Time Tracking Software

1. Give Specific Deadlines

You can get a lot done in a day, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once. With time tracking software for employees, you can set deadlines for yourself and track your progress toward them. It will help you prioritize tasks and stay on top of what needs to get done before moving on to the next thing.

Here are some examples of how time tracking can help:

-Set up a daily schedule for yourself, including when you need to be in the office and when you can work from home.

-Find out where your time is going each day so that you know exactly where to focus your efforts.

-Get a picture of where your time goes each week so that you don’t waste any more than necessary on mindless tasks.

2. Have Meeting Ground Rules

If you want to help boost accountability in your company, there are some great applications that can help provide the transparency you need to know how each meeting is spent, how long it runs, and how productive it was. This way, you don’t have to rely on guesses or let people off the hook when they say “I spent two hours on the presentation.

If you want to make the maximum impact at the end of your meeting, leave time for check-in discussion. This is where you allow attendees to share their thoughts on what was accomplished and what’s still left to do. By getting these details out on the table, you’ll have an opportunity to see if anyone is unclear on tasks and provide guidance or direction as needed. This meeting summary can be a quick and efficient way to bring closure to a meeting without dragging it out.

3. Let Employees Know You Trust Them

But if you can genuinely trust your employees and know they’re being honest, time tracking software for employees can be a great benefit. It will not only help you keep better track of when projects started and where time was spent, but it can also increase accountability for those who are working for you. And that, in turn, will streamline your business more than you might expect.

Workday’s survey found that reduced overtime led to healthier habits and a positive, trusting team environment. With all of the other benefits for businesses, it makes sense to give your employees time tracking software to efficiently and accurately track their work hours. Time tracking software offers employees the ability to work remotely whenever they want, the freedom to work a flexible schedule, and an understanding boss who trusts them.

4. Have Employees Manage Their Own Time

the premise of this software is to give employees some control over the tracking their own time with an easy-to-use interface. Time tracking has been an integral part of project management for quite some time now, and it is usually reserved for project managers. These project managers have to keep time sheets, which are then used to report on how long something actually took to complete.

When your employees are tracking their own time, they will be more in tune with the amount of time they are working. By having employees track their time, you can see what hours they put in and if they’re punching in late or leaving early. You can also see if they are taking too long of breaks or not enough breaks.

5. Reward Good Behavior

The idea behind time tracking software is this: good behavior should be rewarded, and the best way to do that is with something the whole family gets to enjoy—time. So, whether you’re looking to encourage your kids to get better grades, keep up with their chores, or just reward them for a job well done, there’s a simple solution that works for everyone involved: time tracking software.

6. Display Employee Productivity Metrics in Real-Time

If you are using time tracking software to save time, it may be beneficial to use it for employee productivity metrics as well. Track the real-time statistics of those at your firm, with graphs and charts to illustrate successes and opportunities for improvement. It will be clear who’s doing the most work, and where there may be room for additional efficiency.

There are many benefits to implementing employee time tracking software in your workplace. Whether you’re looking to boost employee productivity and accountability, or you simply want a better sense of how work is getting done, time tracking software can help.

7. Help Employees Understand the Consequences of Their Actions

All in all, time tracking software can be a great way to ensure that your employees are meeting the goals set for them. It’s especially important for those working on commission or an hourly wage. Though it can seem like a hassle at first, many businesses will find that it’s well worth the initial investment in the long term.

It’s important to remember that a time-tracking app is not an all-purpose solution. It can help in some departments, but you still need to double-check the data with your employees and get everyone onto the same page. However, having such software may reduce the number of payroll mistakes and inaccurate timesheets, improving trust and communication within departments and boosting overall business productivity.

8. Create a Positive Work Environment with Strong Team Relationships and Trust

In order to develop strong team relationships and increase collective trust, team members must be open and honest with each other. Trust is a critical component of good team relationships, but it can be difficult to build in situations where team members are faced with constant pressure to perform. Team leaders need to ensure that the stress levels of their teams are manageable by giving them breathing room to improve their interaction with each other. This will allow team members to have meaningful discussions and brainstorming sessions which will ultimately help the team grow more cohesive over time.


Time tracking software can help boost employee productivity. It offers real-time visibility into their work habits and prevents bottlenecks from happening. Data collected allows employees to see where they can improve and how their work habits contribute to the team’s success. With all this information at their fingertips, it’s easy to see why time tracking software for employees has become such a valuable business tool.

Time tracking software can help you and your employees better understand how they spend their time so that everyone is more productive.

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