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How Tuko Self Kiosk App For Taxi Booking Boosts Hotel Business?

by Nathan Zachary
Tuko Self Kiosk App

Hotels receive visitors for a variety of reasons. Some of them are business people who need a place to lay their heads in between appointments. Some of them are tourists searching for nearby tourist spots. And some are visitors who are in town for a meeting or event as well as organisers. Whatever the reason a visitor chooses to stay with you, one thing is for certain: the experiences and services your hotel provides can have a significant impact on the expansion of your business.

In light of this, we came up with a significant suggestion that your every visitor would adore. Installing Self-Kiosk App in your reception lobby for your guests to self-book their taxis to their preferred destination.

What Are Self-Kiosk App?

Tuko Super App offers Kiosks. This are standalone machines offering self-service to the customer to get the taxis for their travel.

The best part is that no smartphone is required. Simply approach the kiosk, fill out the form, and request a ride.

Tuko Super App – Self-Kiosk Ap For Taxi Booking

Due to the availability of multiple languages, an automated check-in system is very beneficial for hotel visitors from other countries. Tuko Super App offers Self-Kiosks Apps offering you to place the travel request instantly. This includes booking Taxis On-demand as well as Taxi Rental Services.

Nowadays, guests expect the majority of hotels to provide high-speed Internet so they can access social media while abroad. Automated kiosks from Tuko Super App installed in the hotels turns out to be highly beneficial for the hotel business and users both.

Let’s go through the significant benefits that Tuko Self-Kiosk App brings:

It personalizes the guest experience

The barrier for hoteliers to fully rely on the existing self-service options has always been data transfer and accurate visitor recognition. Self-Service kiosks are able to compile relevant information on visitors and their past stays, including past purchases, room preferences, and other specific requests. If the kiosk and the hotel’s PMS are properly integrated, you will be able to obtain this information quickly and provide a more individualised experience.

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Reduce the wait time in the reception lobby

You no more have to wait for your turn at the reception to book taxi for you. With the Tuko Self-Kiosk App you can get your desired vehicle booked at your convenience and find it waiting at your hotel’s gate.

For the hotel staff, it makes it less challenging as the Self-service Kiosks Tujo App can help you manage even the busiest times of the year extremely effectively.

Contact-less check in

We still are recovering from the pandemic. That era will take time to overcome, meanwhile there are several precautionary steps taken by the government as well as public, practicing contact-less as much as possible.

The Tuko Self Kiosk App helps keep interactions to the minimum. The hotel where it has been installed gets lesser foot traffic thus promotes social distancing.

Increases customer base

Smaller taxi dispatch companies that want to grow their customer base without investing in contact centres, mobile apps, etc. will benefit greatly from Tuko self-operating kiosks.

These tiny taxi dispatch businesses can simply position these kiosks in locations where they anticipate a high volume of potential customers will book them. Kiosks give taxi companies a simple and practical way to reach a huge number of potential customers in public settings.

Generating more profits

From the Hotel view point, it makes the business more lucrative. The guests will prefer staying at those hotels that has latest amenities and having a Tuko Self Kiosk App can bring in more guests.  It frees up your front-desk staff time which can be utilize doing more productive.

Promotes tourism

Visitors can acquire up-to-date information from kiosks to make the most of their time in your city. Digital tourist kiosks enhance visitor engagement and experience and give you a platform to advertise regional attractions and companies.

Final Thoughts

Nearly all hotels today are having self-operating kiosks installed. Why not, then? It’s a practical way to boost the volume of reservations, the clientele, and overall earnings. Tuko’s Self-operating kiosks for taxi booking will continue to improve over the next few years as further modifications are made.

The self-operating kiosk devices have already increased the overall number of rides for their current customers. To read more, visit Tuko Super App website.

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