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What Is The Best Gameplay Recording Software

by Nathan Zachary

The time has changed. Today, playing PC games is more than just a hobby. With gameplay recording software, you can easily record your gameplay highlights and post them online to gain more likes and followers for more joy.

Whether you want to show how you sprint in Minecraft, share your strategies for beating the final boss of Final Fantasy VIII, or offer a witty commentary on gameplay, flexible gameplay recording software is all you need.

Here we have tested and selected the 12 best programs to record games. Some are perfect candidates for low-spec PC gaming, while others are more for graphically demanding PC gaming. Without further ado, let’s find out what each game capture software is capable of.

Before we introduce you to the promising game recording software, here are a few proven tips that will help you record gameplay on PC in the best quality:

Make sure your PC’s CPU, GPU, and RAM meet the minimum or recommended specs to play a PC game. This is what causes the annoying lag while recording the game.

Always customize your game recording settings before you start recording, especially matching the game recording resolution to the game display resolution on your screen.

If you’re recording gameplay over Steam, using a wired connection to your PC is usually more reliable than a Wi-Fi connection.

The best software to record gameplay in low-spec PC games

If low-spec PC games like Minecraft, The Sims 4, Grand Theft Auto or Limbo, etc., are what you are trying to record, then the following lightweight and easy-to-use game recording software have every reason to be. Your priority and won’t burn your CPU.

1. RecordCast

RecordCast is an easy-to-use web-based screen recorder and video editor. As long as you use Google Chrome, you can easily access its online screen recorder without downloading any software.

2. Xbox Game Bar

As a pre-installed game recorder, Xbox is one of the most forgotten free game recording software for Windows users. You can pin game recordings to a specific game app or get screenshots with customizable keyboard shortcuts. Overall, it’s a simple backup solution for recording PC gameplay.

3. VokoScreenNG

As a flexible game capture software on Linux and Windows, VokoScreenNG allows you to record the full screen, selected area, or both screens with a face camera on. You can enlarge the screen recording and select the fps, output format, video/audio codec, etc. Simple but very effective for recording gameplay.

4. OBS Studio

Here comes Open Broadcaster Software, a top game recording software in the league. It is so versatile and popular for screen recording, gameplay recording, and live streaming that OBS Studio has become the preferred choice for any screen recording for Gamers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Vloggers, etc. Check how to make an instruction video with a screen recording for YouTube.

5. Screencast-O-Matic

With an intuitive interface, Screencast-O-Matic is a screen capture tool that allows you to easily create gaming video tutorials using the screencast you have created. All you need is to download its desktop launcher, customize the recording mode recording area, and select audio for recording. Next, click the record button to start capturing gameplay.

6. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is possibly one of the best game recording software as feature-packed game recording software. With an elegant interface, you can easily select the “Record Gameplay” tab in its controls and the recording mode, say “screen + webcam,” and choose between 24fps and 60fps and system + audio sound to start recording.

The best programs to record gameplay of the most demanding PC games from the graphic point of view

Well, suppose you are more into blockbuster or graphically demanding PC games like Final Fantasy XV, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, etc… In that case, the following powerful game recording software will help you capture the most extravagant gameplay scenes.

1. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is a popular lightweight game recorder that produces high-quality and detailed gameplay video recordings. If you happen to be using a high-end NVIDIA graphics card, you can even improve the recording quality by selecting the NVIDIA graphics card GPU.

2. Camtasia

As a prestigious workhorse for screen recording and video editing, Camtasia is a perfect candidate for capturing your gameplay for commentary and video tutorials. Camtasia makes a polished video recording of the game and offers magnificent and easy editing and sharing experience like no other. It’s an all-rounder for making videos for all purposes. Discover the best free alternatives to Camtasia.

3. Snagit

Well, if you don’t have $274.99 and just need a basic gameplay video recording or a screenshot, Snagit, a little brother of Camtasia, is the man for you. You can quickly add an annotation to your video and a screenshot with ease and switch between webcam and screen recording during a video. Overall, Snagit is a quick way to record your gameplay with lots of useful tools.

4. Nvidia ShadowPlay

If you are an Nvidia graphics card user, the best game recording software is neither OBS nor expensive Camtasia. Instead, opt for Nvidia ShadowPlay, a graphics-accelerated gaming software that is probably pre-installed on your PC, just like the Xbox Gamebar on Windows 10. So you can use Nvidia ShadowPlay to record amazing 4K gameplay videos, get high-quality screenshots, and live stream to YouTube, etc., without costing you a penny.

5. Elgato game catch

To record a game in HD, sometimes you have to think differently. Unlike traditional solo game recording software, Elgato Game Capture allows you to connect your hardware, i.e., the HD60 S ($179.99), with your gaming devices like Xbox or PlayStation and have the software installed. Elgato Game Recorder on your pic to capture HD gameplay video recordings with smaller file sizes and make live streaming.

6. AMD Relive

Last but not least game recording software that we would like to introduce to you is AMD Relive, which interestingly shares a lot of similarities with Nividia ShadowPlay. For Radeon graphics card users, you can use it to record gameplay videos, take screenshots, stream live and even in VR, and easily share your game highlights with your friends.


So, having talked about so many free and paid game recording software, which one is the best game recording software for you? The answer probably depends on the exact PC game you are playing and your actual needs.

For low-spec PC games, a versatile free game recording app like RecordCast or OBS should produce satisfying effects, while for high-end PC or Xbox games, professionally designed game capture software such as Bandicam, Camtasia, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Elgato Game Capture, etc. will fill the shoes.

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