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When will Ramadan 2023 come in this year?

by Nathan Zachary
When will Ramadan 2023 come in this year

According to the Islamic lunar (Hijri) calendar, Ramadan is the holiest and most worshipped month. If you are wondering about the dates of the coming fasting month, you must consider this article “When will Ramadan 2023 come in this year?” The whole text will let you know to know the concerned answer.

It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which includes the act of Fasting. The foundation of Islam is Allah’s five tenets which are Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj. The main ritual of Ramadan is Sawm (Fasting). Muslims firmly believe that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the message from Allah through the angel Gabriel during this exalted instance. Muslims all over the world, including those in the UK, observe this occasion by fasting during the day, praying and reciting Qur’an. The traditions associated with Ramadan are most visible in many countries’ mosques and predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods.

When is Ramadan in 2023?

Ramadan’s start and ends dates change every year because the crescent moon’s position determines it. It starts 10-12 days earlier annually because the Islamic year is shorter than the Gregorian calendar. This month always falls on the same day of the Islamic calendar, but the Gregorian dates change on every cycle.

According to scholastic predictions, Muslims will observe Ramadan on the sunset of Wednesday, the 22nd of March 2023. If so, the annual fast will end on Thursday, April 20, 2023. Then, Eid al-Fitr will fall on Friday, 21 April.

How Ramadan is celebrated?

Ramadan is a wonderful time for contemplation, worship, and good deeds. Perhaps the additional solitude and stillness will help create the ideal environment for this. Muslims are required to enhance their level of spiritual and physical submission to God by fasting during this month. The Islamic community worldwide observes a fast from dawn until dusk during the Holy stage.

Fasting lasts from Suhoor to Iftar. Suhoor is the name for the meal that occurs before dawn and the beginning of the fast. After the sunset prayers, Muslims gather in their homes or mosques with their friends and extended family to break their fast. Breaking a fast through the meal properly is known as Iftar.

Muslims celebrate this month with full passion and energy. They offer prayers, recite Qur’an, help the poor, give charity, and become close to Allah (SWT). Even some houses and mosques get bright with lightning. Some Muslim men offer Traveeh prayers at night, which is no doubt a longer prayer. Women perform all the prayers at home and prepare delicious foods and dishes. In different regions of the world, it is celebrated differently according to their culture.

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Facts about Ramadan

Here are some facts about Ramadan that you should know:

  • Children don’t begin fasting until they reach the age of 14. According to Sharia, a Muslim child can fast when he/she reaches the age of puberty.
  • Muslims must make the intention to fast during Ramadan. The intention is to perform any act to carry out a deed for Allah (SWT).
  • Makeup on missed days: You can do fasting later in the year if you are unable to do this in Ramadan. If you are ill and unable to recover, donate a meal to a needy person for each missed day of the fast.
  • People offer prayers at the time during this month. Even some apps help you to track the prayer times as well as Suhoor and Iftar timings.
  • Offices and educational institutes close early during Ramadan in Muslim countries.

Umrah during Ramadan

Performing Umrah in Ramadan as compared to other months is much better and has special benefits. It is considered that it is the best holy moment to perform Umrah. Islamic Narrations urging Muslims to perform it during fasting month are present that highlight its merits and reward. One can do Umrah in Ramadan by booking a Ramadan Umrah package from a company.

When are the last ten days of Ramadan, 2023?

The final ten days of Ramadan 2023 are anticipated to start on the evening of April 10 and end on the evening of April 20. It will be vital for Muslims to ramp up their worship during the last ten days.

Why Ramadan begins is important?

When the month comes, it is the biggest joy for Muslims. That’s why it holds the most importance for Muslims. Some points given below show its importance:

It’s a blessed month

It is a time of forgiveness of sins, mercy, and redemption from the flames of hell. Reflection and communication with God are encouraged during Ramadan.

Kindness and generosity

During this month, people give Zakat to needy people. This promotes a culture of generosity and giving. Charity becomes a good experience during this period. At the end of the month, Muslims give Sadaqah al-Fitr to poor people.


Ramadan fasting teaches us self-control. Everyone needs to develop this skill to become a better person.


However, one should follow all the rules of Islam for Ramadan. Furthermore, you can take benefit of its blessings by reserving your Umrah packages. May God accept your prayers and fasts in the coming Ramadan! Ameen.

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