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Why Salesforce Admin is a Top Career Choice

by Nathan Zachary

Following the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the world saw a total collapse. Many people lost jobs, careers were affected, and at the same time, new opportunities. People started to move towards more stable and in-demand jobs. With the increase in online training courses, people began to skill up and add more credentials to their resumes. There might be only significantly fewer people who didn’t get on this bandwagon. 

This period of quarantines & lockdowns boosted the Cloud Computing industry. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform launched in 1999. Currently, they serve over 150,000 customers around the world. Salesforce is a SAAS (software as a service) cloud company. 

The organization’s CRM stores all customer information in one location. It also houses several applications that enable data tracking and computing. Each business, big or small, is downright focused on the customer and strives earnestly to keep them aboard. Ideally, the primary job of a Salesforce professional is to customize this system to suit the business and its customers and to ensure the optimal working of the platform. 

What Will Be A Day In The Life Of A Salesforce Admin?

Most organizations that use the Salesforce platform are new to it and hire a Salesforce Admin to sync their work with the platform. All the administrative overseeing of the CRM system is entrusted to the Salesforce professional. They must have a deep understanding of the platform and its working and thus make optimal use of it for the company. 

In the initial set-up days, the Admin’s job is to plan and customize the platform based on the industry and the company’s requirements. This is a functional job, and the significant implication is user management. 

On a typical day, the mornings begin with overseeing the performance of the database and checking for any errors in the system. Several people from different departments enter and retrieve data, and thus there is a high chance of recurring errors. There might be duplicate information that has to be detected and eliminated daily. 

Later in the day, they keep a tab on the data and evaluate how the data can be integrated and customized to make it better. It is an ongoing job to improve marketing automation. They help the sales personnel use the platform in an organized manner through custom dashboards. 

Why is Salesforce Admin a Top Career Choice?

We recommend Salesforce Admin as a Top Career Choice for several reasons. As a part of our research, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should choose a Salesforce career in 2022 and the years to come. 

New & Innovative Technology 

There is tough competition between businesses to go up the ladder, and this will continue in the forthcoming years also. And to meet the client’s needs, Salesforce keeps updating its platform with new tools and functionalities. This has made Salesforce the top CRM service provider in the market. 

Salesforce has regular upgrades opening more avenues of usability. It implies that Salesforce professionals can unleash their creativity by staying updated on the advancements and latest features. 

High Demand and Reduced Supply

They are constantly adding new companies to their client list as there is a constant struggle to be in the market competition. This means more Salesforce Admin, Developer, and other Salesforce jobs are added yearly. Reports suggest that 4.2 million Salesforce jobs will become available by 2024.  

There is a high demand for Salesforce professionals but a reduced number of skilled candidates to fill vacancies. The Salesforce Trailhead Guidance page shows that nearly 500,000 new jobs were created in 2022. Unlike most other career-oriented learnings, Salesforces gives its professionals the upper hand in choosing their employer. 

Sign up for Salesforce Certification Training and pass the exams on the first attempt – personalized cert prep plan, mock exams and much more.

Worthy Salary Scale 

Diminishing salary is a problem faced by freshers in most IT jobs. They are paid salaries much below their qualification and worth, but you can scale up your salary and dignity with a Salesforce Admin Career. 

The high demand for Salesforce-certified professions is one of the reasons for the rewarding pay scale. According to popular surveys. The average salary drawn by a Salesforce Administrator has been estimated to be $84,000 annually. The more skilled and experienced you are, the higher your salary, as companies want capable brains for their customer management. 

Scope of Growth 

Don’t we all want a career path where we can excel and move up the job ladder? Trailhead is the Salesforce learning platform where professionals can upgrade their problem-solving skills and add new skill certificates. The Salesforce Administrator certificate is an opener to Salesforce Career opportunities.  

Even if you begin in an administrative role, you can always deviate and brush up on your skill as a developer, architect, app builder, consultant, or marketer. There are different certification exams for each, and you thus add value to your career. There are several training courses available online which can equip you to pass these certification exams. 

You can keep upgrading your skill set, making you one of the most wanted Salesforce professionals in the market. 

No Boring, Monotonous Work 

The young generation is vibrant and full of energy. But the typical daily work schedules usually bore them, and there are even those who quit their job for this reason. For such people, Salesforce is a challenging field. 

Every day puts a fresh new task at problem-solving. Custom dashboards and platform streamlining are needed to meet the employer’s business requirements.

Work with an Inclusive Community

A good working community is something that freshers look out for. The Salesforce community is known as ‘Ohana’ and involves all the Salesforce employees, client employees, partners, and freelancers. 

There are many online Salesforce communities where you can post a query when you need help. There are senior consultants in the group. You can expect a detailed answer in about 4 hours. And this community structure, ‘Ohana,’ comprises professionals who are always ready to help. 

Job Security

There are numerous job opportunities in companies that use the Salesforce platform for CRM management. The job opportunity and popularity of Salesforce professionals have increased exponentially in the last 15 years, predicting that it will continue to remain. Salesforce is one of the top 5 Software companies, but people are unaware of its job potential. This will give you the upper hand if you start now. So this is the perfect time to start the preparation with any genuine Salesforce certification preparation platform.

Remote Job Opportunity 

Being a cloud CRM platform, every operation takes place on the cloud, i.e., online. With the latest increase in remote job culture, most companies allow their employees to work from home. You are ready to start working if you have a good internet connection and a computer. some even also say an iPad works just fine to keep a tab on the CRM system. 

Switch from Non-IT Background to Salesforce 

The best aspect of the Salesforce Admin career choice is that you can take this path even if you do not have an IT background. Salesforce platforms are about customer databases and their management, as much as it is related to IT. Until recently, companies were promoting their top-performing employees in various associated departments to attain Salesforce certifications. 

Ideally, an individual with a clear idea about the business operations or a marketer who knows the workflow will perform remarkably on the Salesforce platform after attaining proper training. If you have a basic knowledge of computers and their operations, you can prepare for the Salesforce Administrator Career Path by signing up for an online course module. 

 How to Start your Career as a Salesforce Administrator

  1. Learn the basics of Salesforce from a reputed training course provider.
  2. You can also use Trailhead free resources.
  3. Gain hands-on training through the online course and participate in trailblazer communities and challenges.
  4. Attend mock exams and prepare well to face the exam. Understand your weakness and work on those domains specifically.
  5. Sign up for the certification exam and get certified. Add your certificate to your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  6. Gain experience by working as an intern, volunteer for NGOs, or freelancer.
  7. Actively participate in Salesforce communities and discussions to land an admirable job. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are reading this article in 2022, you must act immediately. First, analyze if you have the basic skills and passion for becoming a Salesforce Administrator. Also if you want basic information, you can watch YouTube videos to understand the working of the CRM system. For freshers, the best option would be to join a guided Salesforce Admin training course. They will be able to clear all your doubts regarding the method and certification. You can also opt for a free trial before paying for the course. Several tips and hacks can help you pass the Salesforce Administrator exam on the first attempt.

Dedicated hard work can help you build your Salesforce career. The sooner you get certified, the better your chance at the job market. Employers filter out candidates based on their certifications, so there is an excellent chance to stand out from the crowd if you are certified. With more and more businesses using the Salesforce CRM platform, job opportunities are steadily increasing.

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