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9 Different Ways to Style a Festive Lehenga

by Nathan Zachary
9 Different Ways to Style a Festive Lehenga

The current fashion for festive attire has moved away from buying new clothes and toward reusing or restyling with various styles. When it comes to the holiday season, you want to stand out from other times of the year. At that time, we go shopping for traditional Indian clothing or style a festive lehenga for celebrations like Ganesh Utsav, Diwali, Puja, etc.

Women might also try to cut costs by mixing and matching different outfits with the same Indian clothing. As long as you have chosen the proper attire to combine with it, it is a simple trend to adopt and manage.

A time when you search for lehenga choli desi looks is around Navratri and Diwali. So, using the same festive lehenga, you can have some simple styling suggestions with cotton lehenga set mix-and-match outfits. Using the suggestions below, you can choose your Garba lehenga or Diwali lehenga to combine in many ways.

  1. Lehenga restyled with a new top

You can achieve this by donning a top that matches the design and color of your festival or Navratri lehenga. If you have a short flared top or peplum top in the same color. Try this look with contrasting colors, or choose crop tops in simple solids to go with the full ensemble.

  1. Wear your Navratri lehenga with a shirt

It’s a stylish outfit where you pair a lehenga with a clean shirt for an indo-western festive party appearance. There are numerous ways to wear a shirt with lehengas, and it has been popularised in fashion. It may be worn buttoned up and tucked in, off the shoulder, or even on the wrong side for a daring top look.

  1. Put a Kurti and Lehenga together

The simplest method complements the block printed lehenga look with a Kurti in plain or printed fabric. You can wear a straight-fitting Kurti or an Anarkali with a flared kameez. For a distinct look, you must combine it with an Indo-Western ensemble; therefore, add some accessories for a subdued or contemporary appearance.

  1. Lehenga Choli restyled with a jacket

In Indian fashion, open jackets, long a-lines, and Anarkali jackets are popular. Do wear these with a lehenga choli for a distinct appearance. You can also style a thick Indian traditional jacket and keep it close to your waist for a heavier appearance. Another option is to wear the same lehenga with a small embroidered jacket with Kutchi or Phulkari work over your choli for a quirkier appearance.

  1. Put a sari on top of your festive lehenga

Wearing a saree over your lehenga would be an easy way to wear the same outfit to the next Diwali or festival party. With this fashion advice, you can instantly create a charming wedding or holiday look. Always choose a saree whose hues complement the lehenga, or you can also go for a Bandhani or traditional saree to dress up a festive lehenga.

  1. Put on something different. Lehenga and dupatta

Wear the same choli from the set with a simple lehenga for a simple alternative outfit. Add the new lehenga’s matching dupatta, or wear your own as a cloak over the previous choli. This is an intriguing technique to dress a festive lehenga in several ways by wearing the same blouse with the lehenga while also concealing the choli.

  1. Restyle the lehenga with a net dupatta

When combining your same old lehenga for a new look, don’t forget to use a dominating dupatta. When worn as a cowl drape or belted and pleated style, the dupatta’s draping will give an outfit a completely different appearance. You can cover the lehenga and choli with the dupatta, depending on how glamorous it is. For this appearance, choose heavy dupattas such as silk bandhani, patola weave, or even heavy embroidered dupattas.

  1. Select a vibrant lehenga choli

It takes more than choosing designer jewels and pearls to style a lehenga choli. Your lehenga itself should communicate everything. When people gravitate toward a certain color, you can choose to use a brighter lehenga to appear different. A variety of multicolored lehengas continue to be produced by numerous Indian-style designers. You can browse those selections online and make a fashionable choice.

  1. Cotton lehenga with handblock prints

Here is a straightforward strategy to assist you in having fun while wearing a cotton lehenga set. The crimson lehenga with prints looks classy and gorgeous for a special occasion. The set’s gorgeous design and vivid color make it seem magical and amazing. To finish the look, add a braided ponytail, exposed skin, tassel earrings, a beaded choker, a bracelet, and mojaris.


These are some fundamental methods to dress for festivals in your festive block printed lehenga or lehenga. Choose a few tips to mix and match with for your upcoming outfit. Shopping for festivals may occasionally become stressful, and choosing the perfect costume can take some time. You can now also purchase online from the convenience of your own home

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