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Torchlight Infinite Top Build – Flame Jet Gemma Introduction

by Nathan Zachary

Torchlight Infinite as the latest entry in the Diablo-like action RPG series, It’s now available on mobile and PC, for the beginners today I would to talk about one of my favourite build, flame jet Gemma.

this build is actually the first one I tried and played a lot when I pick Torchlight infinite up. What attracted me to flame jet is it has a very smooth and exciting play style, you can just throw fires down under the boss, then run around the map while you focus on dodging mechanics. As you continue to scale up the gear, you’ll be able to place multiple Flame Jets, which means more damage but also a little bit less time to run around.

Out of all the builds I’ve played so far, this was by far the easiest leveling experience, but this build is also a little bit different, It’s not life-based and therefore focuses on scaling energy Shield to fit in additional auras.

The leveling experience was very smooth even as a life-based build, and once I got to the endgame I had a few decent Shield items. One of my favorite things about Gemma’s Frostfire aspect is you can scale both cold and fire damage, meaning you have a lot of additional options once you do reach end game. First and I went for a shield-based defense for flame jet, it’s very easy to fit in more and more damage auras.But the bossing is excellent, especially even no endgame gear while I was leveling.


Now for an explanation on how flame jet works, when you use the skill, it will create a lava puddle under the enemy, this deals persistent fire damage. Then based on your cast speed, the lava pool will eject molten rock which targets nearby enemies and explodes.

For utility skills, the most important one to talk about is Mana Boil. Mana boil gives you 15 extra spell damage when active in exchange for consuming five percent of your maximum Mana per second. Early on while you’re leveling, I don’t suggest using Mana Boil, but in the late game, it is a massive damage boost and it is absolutely important.

The other utility skills that I went with are Souleating Circle and Scorch, Scorch works as increasing fire damage, and Souleating Circle on the other hand is a buff for you, which gives you two percent spell damage when enemies step into your circle. So you can get quite a bit of damage and penetration improving, and the area lasts 6 seconds.

In addition, I’m using Frigid Transmission as my movement skill, this is because as a cold skill it actually scales off of almost everything the build stacks due to Gemma’s Frostfire aspect. When it freezes the target, it will refresh its cooldown so you can often blink consecutively from pack to pack without any delay.

For my auras, I’m running both Charged Flames and Precise Projectiles.

The next one is the Cast on Severe Injury, and one of the important parts of it is the Forced Start, this skill means when I take a large amount of damage, my energy shield charge will automatically start, and be enhanced for a short duration. This should be enough time to get me back to health and not worry about death.

Additionally I’m also using Death Pact to apply Fixate, Fixate is a very nice damage boost, if you’re looking for another way to get damaged early without having to rely on Mana Boil, I suggest using Fixate as you’re able to scale more shield.

Hero Trait:

Talent Tree:

For the Goddess of Knowledge talent, I chose Beacon which does make the Mana costs a little more problematic, however you’re not really spamming your main skill so it didn’t seem to be too much of an issue. And preparation helps to correct this, since you’ll gain stacks of Focus Blessing automatically as Mana Boile consumes your Mana.

Next up with Magister, I grabbed Bunch which gives plus one to maximum Focus blessing, and then I went with Play Safe, because 40 Main skill spell damage is absolutely massive,

For my last Spiritcaller talent tree I chose Translucent, and for the second large talent I went with Peculiar Vibe. If you need the penetration, then Penetrating is very good, but I found that I had enough penetration from other sources that enemy resistances were really a non issue, and instead I wanted 25 additional damage to enemies, that is the reason I choose Translucent.


You can just farm the gears on the list and then you will have a wonderful game experience, like walk around and watch the world burned.

And be sure to cap your resistances, this will be 75, or higher if you’re taking some defensive stats for maximum resistances. I found that there aren’t any special demands for belt or rings of this build, so those are good places to get a lot of your early resists. Beyond that I found that 4000 Shield was the minimum to be comfortable in end game, but it felt a lot better once I got five or six thousand. Use some Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium to craft some gear you need, they are worth it.

If you’re only going to play it for a couple of weeks or maybe just the season, it really won’t matter you do not have all those gears above, you’ll be able to do all the content regardless.

But if you want this build to become your forever one, just remember some gears in particular are much rarer and more expensive, they come from bosses found late in the end game. Don’t expect them to be cheap and don’t expect them to be an item that you’ll get early on, you need lots of time on farming those gears.

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