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What is new in the Ibis Paint brush QR code?

by Nathan Zachary
Ibis Paint Brush QR Code

What is Ibis Paint Brush QR Code?

Ibis paint is a popular painting app designed and developed for android and iOS. It can satisfy the need of any artist through its variety of features and brushes. Since it has developed, it has been updated many times and new features are added up. 

The QR Code Feature:

The most recent addition in the Ibis Paint is the Ibis paint brush QR code. Using this feature, you can share your paintings with other people by scanning a QR Code. 


The Ibis paint QR code brush is the most useful feature of the app. It makes painting on android a cool experience. It is a good tool to personalize the paintings of artists.

It makes the sharing safe, you can set certain QR codes for different paintings and can share with friends and family. 

The ibis paint brush is best for smartphones and tablets. It can make the creation of digital art a safe action. It provides a vast variety of brushes. It is available both for iOS and Android systems.

How does it work?

Ibis QR code paint brush makes working convenient. It allows users to import images from other folders for background settings. The paintbrush is user-friendly and easy to learn for a beginner. The new users of digital paintings can easily work with this brush. 

It comes with tutorials that help you get a start and provide assistance if you get stuck while working. 

Advantages of using Ibis QR Code Brush:

The biggest advantage of using the Ibis Paint App and Ibis QR code brush is that it is user-friendly. You can create beautiful paintings with a little effort.

The app includes tutorials that help you learn basic techniques.

It provides you with a variety of brushes to create paintings with unique skills. You can introduce a variety of blends and shading. 

Ibis Paint offers users a subscription service and they can access different features and also premium features like advanced brushes, higher resolution, more layers, and exporting.

Compatibility of Ibis Paint Brush:

People often get confused about the compatibility of the Ibis Paint app. But the good news is that it is designed to work on all devices. Yes, it can work on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and android devices. All you need is to download and use the app. 

There is another question about the usability of the app. People often wonder that in how many devices they can use the app. It is dependent on the choice of brushes. Some brushes work well on all devices, while some others work on specific devices.

Ibis Paint Brush QR Code Scan:

Follow these simple steps to use the Ibis Paint Brush QR Code.

  1. Open the app and choose the brush tab. Press the icon that appears like a QR code.
  2. Hold your phone on the paintbrush you want to use and scan it.
  3. The app will read the code and display the details of the brush. 

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